Zboard Review
by Nightcrawler of RSi

Published : 5th December 2005
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I was needing a new keyboard and thought I’d make it a drastic change from the old standard and get a new fangled Zboard, these are my opinions in the few weeks that I’ve been playing on it.


Overall construction: Considering you have moving parts, it’s very well constructed. It also has 2 plug outlets for any USB joysticks or whatever that don’t pull a lot of power.

Keyboard inserts: The normal keyboard is just that, normal, almost no frills at all. You do have the option of setting up some special keys along the top ridge of the keyboard for your internet needs, most are set up pretty good already. The keys are nice and crisp, not spongy.


Gaming Boards

When you purchase one of these you’ll get a standard and a gaming board. I also bought one for BF2.

The gaming board I’ve used several times for games such as Guild Wars and VBS and have to say that first weekend I was ready to throw it out. But after the first week of use I really started getting used to it, now I’ve had it a month and am really liking it. Again the keys are crisp and the butterfly layout is a good one. You can access their site and use many of the layouts they already have for many of the more popular games.

zBoard Keysets

The Battlefield 2 keyboard is also very good, it didn’t make me a better player but it did make it easier to find the proper keys. I really didn’t need this, as they have a layout for the regular gaming keyboard but this is printed with graphics and all of the keys are labeled for someone as lazy as myself, plus all of my friends think I’m nuts.

Now for some of the problems I’ve encountered, the first install didn’t take, so I had to do it again. And I find that when I change boards, sometimes it will just quit working completely and I have to reboot for things to get recognized, though it has never locked up the PC.

Overall, for $50.00 US and $20. more for any addon keyboards, it’s not a bad deal.

View zBoard movies here.


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