Decal Girl Ghost Recon Future Soldier Skins for iPad and PS3 Controller

There's some pretty neat Future Soldier gear out right now but one product range in particular that has been getting some great feedback is the range of decal skins from

DecalGirl has skins for just about every gadget you could wish to decorate including phones, laptops, readers, and gaming devices and accessories.

Skins are popular because the are inexpensive, easy to apply and remove, and in addition to looking great they provide extra protection from scratches to keep your devices looking good as new.

DecalGirl now offer a range of Ghost Recon Future Soldier skins, so we've tried out the iPad skin, and the PS3 controller skin. You can see how easy they are to apply in our videos below. Let's look at the iPad skin first.

This skin comes in two parts, front and back. There are clear fitting instructions included in the pack and there are instructional videos on the website. Anyone who has fitted a screen protector on any of their devices will find fitting a DecalGirl skin a breeze.

With a screen protector even the tiniest speck of dust causes a nasty noticeable bubble, however because these skins are slightly thicker than a screen protector it is not such an issue.

If, like me, you care a bit of a perfectionist, you would probably spend a good few minutes making sure your screen protectors are fitted perfectly, as you can see from our skin install though, the process is not as laborious with decal skins which can be completed very quickly without too much concern for dust particles.

Lining Up Tip :

Lining up the first edge is crucial, so for the rear of the iPad it is best to start with the top edge and line up the on button and two small sensors. If these are lined up properly, the skin should line up great with the bottom.

The iPad skin also comes with an optional border for the front of the iPad. If you have a screen protector fitted to your iPad you may decide not to fit the skin border, but for the full effect of the Ghost Recon Future Soldier Skin you'll want to go the whole nine yards as we show in our video.

Smoothing Tip :

DecalGirls skins are strong, and in our video you can see we were deliberately tough with the smoothing out of creases on the corners. Using the sharp edge of the thumbnail it is possible to smooth out and creases without any tearing, marking, or snagging of the skin. We'd recommend being a little more considerate however by using the back on the nail with gentle pressure. In this way even quite severe creases will totally disappear.

The skin can be applied directly on top of an existing screen protector without any issues. In our example we are fitting it directly on top of the excellent MediaDevil Glossy Protector. With the front border applied, you can follow the included instructions and download a custom background for the iPad that matches the border perfectly and looks really cool. As an aside, this custom wallpaper service is also available for other devices, such as phones.

Once the DecalGirl skin is applied you'll immediately notice that the iPad is more comfortable to hold as the skin on the rear offers a move tactile surface for the fingers than the super smooth shiny backing of the bare iPad. Apart from the aesthetics, this is one big knock on benefit of applying a DecalGirl skin to an iPad.

Questions about the iPad skin? Ask in our forums here.

DecalGirl Ghost Recon Future Soldier

The PS3 Controller skin was a snap to install. With all the buttons and curves on the controller there was a concern that getting it all to line up was going to be difficult, but as you can see in our video it was extremely easy and even the roundalls at the thumbsticks lined up perfectly the first time.

Questions on the PS3 skins? Ask in our forums here.

Now a quick word about DecalGirl. Now and then you come across a quality range of products that don't cost the earth. Sometimes you can find products that are not so great, but the support from the manufacturer makes up for any lack in quality.

Finding a supplier who has both the quality product range and great service is not so common these days, however with DecalGirl you really do get a great product backed by great support (the other great company we've had the pleasure of dealing with recently is the previously mentioned MediaDevil with their awesome screen protectors).

With DecalGirl you can buy with confidence, and here's why...

  • Competitive pricing, value for money products
  • Highest quality vinyl skins
  • Gloss and matte finish options
  • Efficient support staff
  • Free wallpaper downloads

Suffice to say we were really pleased with the ease of application, quality of the skin, the design and the added protection for the iPad. Check out the range of their skins and customise your gadgets!

DecalGirl Ghost Recon Future Soldier

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