Changing map lighting (+textures!)
Published : 23rd January 2002
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The maps in Ghost Recon overlay graphics to create a texture on the ground, as well as shadows etc. When I created my day -> night and night -> day mods I had to lighten and darken the grounds, respectively. Through doing this I found that you can actually retexture the ground that you walk over to a certain extent, this is how to do it!

What you will need:

  • Paint Shop Pro or Adobe Photoshop [Grab PSP here]
  • RSB Export plugins [Grab them here]
  • Mike Schell's GR->RS RSB converter [Grab it here]
  • A mod folder set up with:
    - Map
    - Modscont.txt

1) Find the texture RSB file

For this tutorial, we will be using M01_Caves. Navigate to your <ghost recon directory>\Mods\Origmiss\Map\m01_Caves folder.
In this folder you will see a lot of files with the extension .RSB - find the one which is 2 megabytes and is called “m01_grounddmm01_caves.rsb”. The texture files always have this sort of name format, but sometimes in different orders (i.e. M02 - Farm’s texture files is named “02_farm_grounddmm02_farm.rsb” - but it is one of the biggest files and therefore easy to identify - the key part is “grounddm”).

2) Convert the RSB file

Copy this file to your set up mods folder - into the directory <your mods folder>\Map\M01_Caves - and convert it to Rogue Spear format using the GR->RS RSB converter by Mike Schell. Make sure that the file is not read only!

3) Load into Paint Shop Pro (or Adobe)

Open up the file - making sure that you have the RSB plugins installed. Now, airbrush on a random colour near where you recognise as the start of the map - I will put on blue and red dots with an opacity of 80% (so that some grass still shows through in game, but not much!)

Save the file and then start up Ghost Recon making sure that the mod is enabled. In game you should see something like this:

You have now (somewhat) retextured a map!

Copyright 2002
Charles Amick
aka Firestar~*