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Official sites

Ubi Soft Official Ghost Recon Site
Launched 6th September 2001.

Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter
Official GR:AW portal.

Bill Brown Music Bill Brown
This is where the Ghost Recon music comes from, check it out for downloads and Rainbow Six music too!

Fan Sites

Ghost Recon Retreat
Launched in July 2001 and been supporting Ghost Recon non stop sice then. Part of the 3D Retreat Network



Clan Base
What they say: "ClanBase is a free extensive system for gamers to play action games over the internet, founded by gamers in 1998, and now registering around a million players. Measured by activity, ClanBase has become the largest online gaming community and competition website in the world."

What we say : Clanbase provide registered teams with an absolute wealth of tools to administer their squad. They have ladders for a ton of games, and are a "here to stay" service.

The Combat Zone

What they say: "The Combat Zone Network, LLC is the ultimate location for online and LAN gaming enthusiast.  Having been in existence since June 2001 our Pro Staff, embraces the enthusiasm for the online gaming world and ensures the communities needs and your needs are met. The TCZ Pro Staff, experts in their various aspects of online gaming, LAN gaming with real world backgrounds in marketing, business management and web presentations, strive to bring expert gaming knowledge and experience to its rapidly expanding competition community. The Pro Staff at The Combat Zone will continue to meet the needs of millions of online gaming enthusiasts as technology evolves and your needs change. TheCombatZone.Net, is one of the world?s largest online competition and recreation sites with over 17,500 registered members and growing, providing a cutting-edge environment dealing with all aspects online gaming and providing a ladder/league format for players to compete on for the coveted 1st place, and so much more."

What We Say : The Combat Zone have been around for years, and have served the competitive gaming community well. They have kept pace with current games while always supporting older games. TCZ is an official affiliate of Ghost



Bad Snipers Clan
Mature Ghost Recon Clan.

CODI Clan are a Playstation GR clan that has been around for three years, during which they have played every one of the Ghost Recon mulitiplayer games for the Playstation.
Fierce Warrior Tribe
Mature supporting Ghost Recon since 2004.

Alpha Squad
Long running Ghost Recon fanatics, Alpha Squad are known for their famous Stealth Recon co-op tournaments.

Respected Ghost Recon clan, running great dedicated servers and with quality modders on board. Their website is also an online gaming community covering many games and tech news.

Respected tactical clan, been around for many years!

ITF Clan
Tactical Shooter clan.

Enemy Offline
Enemy Offline
Norwegian Clan Site (English site)

IQ Squad
IQ Squad
One of the nicest clan sites I have seen, news, forums, downloads and more.

Ape Squad Elite (ASE)
Catering for the older crowd of gamers (over 18 average age 30-35) and pride ourselves that we have a lot to offer the non-kiddie clans out there.

30 Plus
The Ghost of 30 Plus; Honor, Sportsmanship, and Fun. Actively supporting Ghost Recon and GR:AW into 2006!

Huge long standing, mutli-game, tactical squads.

Squad Links
Squad Links
Online database for clans from various games. Register Ghost Recon clans here.

Non-English Speaking Clans

Legione Phoenix
Italian Ghost Recon Squad supporting Ghost Recon since 2002.

GR Elite Platoon
Danish Ghost Recon Squad supporting Ghost Recon since 2001.

French/Belgium Ghost Recon Squad supporting Ghost Recon since 2002.


Mod Sites

Year of the Monkey Ghost Recon Mod
Year of the Monkey
Official site for this huge total conversion.

Tim Leary
Ghost Recon Programming site.

War of Infamy
Awesome World War II modification for Ghost Recon, quality stuff.

Free Libya!
Awesome Ghost Recon Campaign modders.

Sixpence's website, one of the most prolific Ghost Recon modders, ever.

Jack's Joint
Jack57, he of the outstanding Ghost Recon Campaigns, such as Postcards from Peru.

Cocobolo Mods, amazing weapon modders, and classy Ghost Recon downloads.

Earl's BaconBomb
Standard Upgrade and other quality weapon modifications.

Blakarion's vehicle mods for Ghost Recon.


Download Archives

Remember and check our own Files Archive!

Fantastic Reserve of Ghost Recon Mods.

Long standing mods download centre.

File Retreat
Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six Files.

GR Mod Database
A japanese site, but a nice list of GR mods.