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Land Warrior

Rocky | Daywanderer

Ghost Recon utilises Land Warrior technology to assist the characters during missions. This report sets out to explore the real world of Land Warrior (LW) technology, and how it will be incorporated into Ghost Recon.


LW is one of various Warrior programs which also include Air Warrior, Mounted Warrior amongst others. It is the modernisation and development of an Army fighting system for the dismounted infantryman. LW is a huge undertaking boasting over 30,000 individual systems including everything the dismounted soldier wears and carries integrated into a close combat fighting system. Combined these systems enhance his situational awareness, lethality, survivability, mobility, sustainment, and training.

Systems included in Ghost Recon will assist players with friend or foe recognition and squad placement within the battle zone. Similarly real world benefits such as improved situational awareness, overmatching lethality, high levels of protection, and rapid digital and voice communications will enhance the abilities of the Ghosts.


While the Land Warrior program will be using M16 rifles and/or M4 carbines, one might also expect it to work quite well with the Objective Individual Combat Weapon which is currently under development. The OICW will be a combined 5.56x45mm assault rifle and a 20mm grenade launcher (detachable). The assault rifle part will basically be an M16 rifle, with a similar (or slightly extended) range, the same rate of fire, and thirty-round magasines.

The more interesting part is the grenade launcher. It will fire 20mm High-Explosive fragmentation grenades at ranges up to one kilometre. The fire control system will pin-point the exact range to the target using a laser range finder, and signal the round to detonate at said range. The fragments will defeat PASGT armour and the sighting system provides full 24-hour capability by employing uncooled IR sensor technology for night vision. The ten-round magasine can be emptied in approximately one minute.

The OICW will have a 500% increase in probability of incapacitation, day/night fire control, wireless weapon interface, weight reduction, ergonomic design, red dot day/night sighting system, laser adjustment for targets in buildings and unique recoil mitigation and tactical operational awareness. Scheduled for field equipping in 2005, and with Heckler & Koch as the developer, I’ll be surprised if this promising firearm doesn’t make an appearance in Ghost Recon.


The Heads up display will play an important part in the tactical assessment of each mission as it develops. The soldier can accurately engage targets from cover using the thermal or video sight in his heads up display. The system protects the soldier from bullets, shrapnel, directed energy and chemical weapons. Total system weight is equal to or less than what the soldier carries now.

In summary LW sub systems include : Integrated Helmet Assembly, Modular Weapon System, Computer/Radio, Software, Protective Clothing and Individual Equipment.

Further Reading : Note. Some GR references in this Article are speculative at this time.