RECON 0003.04.01
Gamepro Article Inaccurate


Early in April 2001 Gamepro magazine in the USA scooped the first Ghost Recon news and pictures. Sister website Aggression was the first website to give the article coverage and the community lost no time in analysing and speculating over each detail.

Shortly after we went live with some of the printed details was contacted by Ubisoft directly to correct two specific and interesting inaccuracies. More recently Ubisoft has went as far as to say ""All the Ghost Recon Xbox info that has been published to date is totally inaccurate or outdated, I would say that 3/4 of that info has changed - and the rest was speculation."

There is enough information to draw some conclusions about Ghost Recon However .....


One of the first debated points was the most important from a PC gaming point of view - the revelation that Ghost Recon would be an X-box title first and foremost. Further detail that crossover online gaming between X-box and PC platforms would follow, indicated a PC version would eventually follow the X-box release. The mere thought of a Tom Clancy title being "dumbed down" and released for a games console prior to the PC launch appalled many die hard Rogue Spear gamers who had become avid RSE/Tom Clancy fans.

The release information is however incorrect. Ghost Recon will not appear on the X-box first, followed by a PC version. Ghost Recon will either be a joint X-Box/PC launch, or the PC will be the launch platform.


The second inaccuracy that has come to our attention was the following statement "There will be cross platform online game play for up to 12 players". The nature of the inaccuracy is however unclear; either there will be no cross platform gaming, or there is no 12 player limit. At the time of writing UbiSoft/RSE have not issued any clarification, so the community is left to speculate.

At we find it hard to believe that a 12 player limit would be inflicted on a next generation game by a major player such as RSE. So with that in mind we are confident enough to say it loud and bold -

There will not be a twelve player limit in multiplayer games.

x platform

Will there be cross platform X-Box against PC gaming? That's a tougher call. I am not aware of any cross platform gaming titles that have been released to-date. However Rainbow Six can be played across Macs and PCs, and the X-Box is going to be more like a PC than any other console before it. So with that in mind we are confident enough to say it loud and bold -

Your guess is as good as ours!

....unless you work for UbiSoft or RedStorm in which case our guess is your information.