Mission Scripting : Random Elements
by NGRU Crazy 1
Published : March 2003
Files : Example Mission.


Ok firstly this scripting is for introducing some randomness into your missions. Download this example mission and open it in IGOR to see how to achieve random elements as described below.

The idea is firstly

1. To use a random counter to pick a random number between 1 and 4.

2. Depending on which number is picked, out target tango will be teleported to one of the four zones marked on the mission called randomizer.

3. On arrival at a particular zone , another random counter will be started. This counter will pick another random number between 1 and 4. Depending on what number will be picked by the random counter, a script group will be activated which will assign one of four p ossible plans to that tango.

4.So to cap off our tango will be transported to one of four zones by random.Once there he will be given a one of four plans to carry out at random also. Included in the script is only one zones worth of random planning. If we made a further 12 groups , four for each zone, it is immediately seen that the tango at will do 1 of 16 possibilities.

5. Times this by 4 or 5 platoons and your mission could run 45 different ways , with no way possible of knowing what tango will be where. This adds longevity and huge unpreditability to a mission.

Have fun

NGRU Crazy 1


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