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Translation of German Site KGN's Ghost Recon Review
Translated by Rocky and Akira

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Similar to Operation Flashpoint, the newest Tom Clancy Shooter Ghost Recon sets it's sights on Russia.

However where the Codemasters tactics Shooter was set in the 80's the Russian enemy is to some extent plausible , Ghost Recon is set decades into the future and still the former Soviet Union poses a persisting threat - which stretches the plausibility of the overall plot; few regard Russia nowadays as an enemy of the west . But nevertheless, is only fiction; -)

A New Direction
However, Red Storm has taken a new direction with Ghost Recon: In place of a anti-terrorist team, like with the predecessors Rainbow Six and Rogue Spear , the player this time commands a military elite troop, the so-called " Ghosts ".

However this new troop is limited to 6 men, rather than the 8 of Rogue Spear, which is to probably serve the clarity. There is also a major difference in the kit selection. This time the primary weapon is already selected for each operative, leaving only the secondary and kit items for the player to select.

The standard operative carries a modern M16-Version for a primary while the player can select a pistol (with or without silencer), a grenade thrower option (M203 Grenade Launcher) for the M16, or an additional magazine as additional kit.

There are 4 different character types: Standard Operative, MG contractor, Demolition unit, Sniper (with Ghillie suit camouflage). Each type has its own particular strengths. Only the demolition unit for example can use explosive charges. The sniper's zoom mode (also every other type of rifle has a limited zoom function) sees only a circular window, the remainder of the screen is black, by way of an additional handicap. The consequence of this is that the Sniper loses field of vision while zoomed in and must quickly make his shot and return to normal view.

The night-vision device is standard equipment for all operatives, and is an extremely effective item, bringing detail to dark areas superbly.

Simplified Controls
After the introductory Briefing the crew is quickly organised, the initial waypoint planning stage of Rogue Spear is totally omitted. Individual units are quickly and easily assigned waypoints during the actual mission by means of a control map that can overlay the screen.

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