This single map comes from the extremely talented team at Battleborne and features two missions from accomplished Ghost Recon modder Right Hand. In addition to the gorgeous map, there are three amazing intro movies and 2 hidden out-take movies!

This package represents the most professional mod released for Ghost Recon to date.

Installation : Click the install button, mod will auto-install.

Desert Siege Required | battleborne.com


This awesome map is set near a hydroelectric dam and includes two great missions by Right Hand. The dam itself is a huge impressive structure. The first mission is to plant explosives and destroy the dam, not an easy task with the undulating landscape, and resident security force!

The second mission makes great use of non-player characters including peacekeeping forces supported by tanks, great mission!

Installation : Click the install button, navigate the installer to the mods folder of you Ghost Recon installation, click next. Activate "The Dam" from Ghost Recon's Options>Mods page. Select "Quick Mission" and start either of the Dam's two missions.


The most innovative mod ever created for Ghost Recon. Black Sun introduces flying helicopters, seen for the first time in Ghost Recon. This adds a whole new level of immersion to missions, which really has to be experienced to be believed.

As if that was not enough, there is a truly bewildering amount of kits and new weapons, and a full campaign of 12 excellent new missions!


Mission Mod Competition 2002 Winners

Three very different missions, all played on the same map - these missions were winners of the GhostRecon.net Mission Mod competition in June 2002.

The winning entry "Needle's Eye" by Right Hand, will test your Sniper skills, while "Border Ambush" from TalkinBEERmug will test even the most skillful of Ghost Recon gamers. "Jack Rabbit" from Rose uses NPC's and a cool plot to keep the mission interesting.

Installation: Needles Eye. Make a new folder in your Ghost Recon.net Mods folder called "Needles Eye". Install mod to new folder. Activate "The Needles Eye" in Ghost Recon Mod Options, select Quick Mission and click on "The Needles eye".



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