MSI Ghost Recon Fix
by Ric O Chet
Published : 11 June 2004
Updated 4th Sept. 2006

For Ghost Recon fans having issues updating the MSI version that comes bundled with MSI products.

How to patch MSI Ghost Recon.

If you have the Ghost Recon that was bundled with an MSI Technologies Video Card, then what you should try is this:

1) Uninstall the game.

2) Download the fix.

3) Go here nvidia and download the latest nVidia Chipset Driver.

4) Uninstall your current video drivers.

5) Install the new nvidia drivers.

6) After reboot, install Ghost Recon.

7) Patch game to 1.3.

8) Patch game to 1.4.

9) Copy fix into game folder and overwrite.

10) See if the game runs.