Ghost Recon Mods Roundup 11
By: GiWeDa

Published : 27th August 2006

Almost one year has passed since the last Mod Round-up and there has been a lot happen since then, many modders left, new modders came but the main news of course was the launch of GR:AW.

Many, including myself, were convinced that that was the beginning of the end for the original Ghost Recon but if I’m still here to write this report, that means I was wrong. And let me tell you I’m very happy that I was wrong.

MVD Osnaz

Type of Mod: Equipment mod and campaign
Modmakers: Ingeloop , Sopmod
Estimated released date: October 2006
Forum Thread: Discussion here.
Mod Synopsis: 5 mission campaign in the Caucasus area. New Russian special forces skins and both old and new weapons. New Russian reticles. You'll be playing the role of a secret unit conducting special operations against Chechen and foreign terrorists.
Contributors: Natsanwa, Earl, ATO_Architect, Sleeper, Battleborne Gang, Neutron, El Oso, Hhour, (maybe more)


Type of Mod: Fan Made Expansion Pack
Modmakers and contributors: Jay316, the Worm, Buck 50, hydrocide, eskwaad, chems, blakarion, halo jones, lexsis, Militia Man, Tinker, GRT, Migryder, Prozac, NYR, natsanwa, aethalin, Sixpence, Cobaka, Blahb, Toniezz, DTD Team, Suicide Commando, SierraNovember6, Snared Gambit, Snowfella, dekela, dugite.
Estimated Release Date: Q4 2006
Forum Thread: Discussion here
Mod Synopsis: Set in the Central command area of responsibility, CENTCOM is a full Ghost Recon expansion pack with 12 new missions, each with an exclusive fan made map and command map. CENTCOM missions take place in the combat theatres of the current war on terrorism (OIF/OEF) with real-world-mission-objectives and realistic kit load outs. CENTCOM incorporates all aspects of real-world-mission-objectives into the mission campaign, including stealth, convoy hits, personnel elimination, search and destroy, and firefights.
Features: All material contained is exclusive to CENTCOM including, but not limited to, a 12 mission campaign, 12 new maps with command maps, user interface and mouse icon, musics, sounds, vehicles, weapons and more.

Danish Forces mod (aka DanFor)

Type of Mod: Total conversion
Modmaker: WytchDokta
Estimated released date: Unable to say with certainty at this point, but the mod WILL get released.
Forum Thread: Discussion here.
Mod Synopsis: During early 1999 the Serbian army sent troops and military police into Kosovo in order to bring Kosovo back into Serbian control. Amid reports of human rights atrocities, growing public concern and after much negotiation a NATO led force backed by the UN began a campaign with the intention of liberating Kosovo. That's where come in. You will play the role of Danish KFOR troops.

12 new specialists, new kit organisation system, whole range of new sounds and some new soldier classes. To assist the Danish KFOR, Danish SF units comprising Jaegerkorpset and Froemandskorpset operators have been called in. The Jaegerkopset and Froemandskorpset mods will be released with the Danish Army [KFOR] mod.

The Jaegerkorpset mod will have 12 new SF specialists, with slightly different weapon load outs and equipment than the Danish Army. Jaegerkorpset means "Hunter Corps/Elite Ranger Corps" and they are comparable to SAS, SFOD-D etc.

The Froemandskorpset mod will have just six new specialists (they operate strictly in six man teams). Froemandskorpset means "Frogman Corps" are they comparable to US Navy SeALs. They use the same weapons as Jaegerkorpset. There is to be a extremely high level of realism throughout all three of the mods.

Contributors: Natsanwa (weapon models), MilitiaMan (weapon stat files), CMH (additional skins), Vossen (Danish voice acting), CommandoCrazy (reticles), Squad_E (all mod videos and trailers)

P2: A Cold Day In Hell


Type of Mod: Total conversion
Modmakers: callmehobbes, migryder, natsanwa, Phlookian, swartzs, WytchDokta, and maybe others
Estimated release date: Fall/Winter 06
Forum Thread: Discussion here.
Mod Synopsis: At present this mod will require Frostbite 1.3, December, and Blue Ivan. All of the above maps but one Frostbite MP map will be included for SP/CO-OP play, plus a retextured White Skull Valley and perhaps a new map involving ICBMs. New weapons, vehicles, and other items. If all goes well, a new skin - werewolf camo.

I was six or seven missions along on what started as a simple quick missions pack for Frostbite maps when this mod began to take on a different life. The story will revolve around assisting the Russian Federation to put down the civil war that began with the Pressure mission pack, hence the above title. The dreaded sequel! As with most mig missions there will be plenty of targets and user friendly shortcuts to the After Action Screen so you can listen to music. Primary mission objectives will involve neutralizing air defence capabilities and this mod will take that element of GR to a new level with five separate ADA systems.

WMD will also play an important role in most missions as well as intel gathering, capturing key OPFOR personnel and arms dealing bosses, hostage/POW rescues(one mission inspired by Needles Eye) and maybe a few misc. objs on the lighter side of things like saving the rare Vodka or locating/recovering a PDA stolen from the Los Angeles branch of....?

Contributors: so many generous and helpful people to mention, please download the mod and read the credits.

Sniper Cannon Mod

Type of mod: Weapon mod
Modmakers: Thales100,Stalker_Zero
Estimated Release date: September 5th
Forum Thread: Discussion here.
Mod Synopsis: Featuring eight anti materiel rifles from .55 to 25mm and ten .50 sniper rifles (original and suppressed), will provide to sniper lovers some of the most powerful long distance rifles ever made. It will also include many secondary weapons, as desert eagle .50 and .440, 44 automag, big lone eagle, custom sniper camos, etc...
Contributors:Ingeloop, migryder, natsanwa, squad_e, ruin, shot, JLW, kame, DSV1, and some other great modders.


Type of Mod: Total conversion
Modmakers: Callmehobbes, Trenchsoldier (& others!)
Estimated released date: Unknown
Forum Thread: Discussion here.
Mod Synopsis:

A long time in development hell, the UKSF mod is finally starting to take shape. Using the best from existing mods and adding some all new elements. The Afghan campaign: A shipment of British starstreak missiles have ended up in Taliban hands. Lead a combined team of SAS, SBS, SFSG and SRR operators across Afghanistan and beyond to retrieve the stolen missiles and deliver retribution.

Featuring: Desert/mountain versions of the December and Blue Ivan maps. Assorted UKSF weapons with accurate rets (from SWEBAT). New regular chrs, specialists, enemy chrs and allied NPC's.

Contributors: This mod is wholly dependant upon the hard work of a great many modders including Dog-Zebra, Snowfella, Phlookian, Sleeper, Natswana, Thumper, Tollen, Streinger, Bajabravo, Chems El Patricio, Pyro Monty, Spydier and many more (full credits will be included with the mod).

Finally I just received news about an upcoming new version of the great 8 days campaign by Right-Hand update by Migryder and KRP56 including new missions!