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Ghost Recon Mods Roundup 9
By: GiWeDa & Stalker

Published : 13th March 2005
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Mods Roundup - March 2005


Type of mod: Total conversion
Modmakers: ita_killabees
Contributors: CommandoCrazy (Forum support), Suicide-Commando (Forum support), Dog-Zebra (SCP 70/90 + M92 wood camo), GiWeDa (Advisor), Blake (Lagunare .chr taken from Sabre Team), Bajabravo (Most of .chrs and base textures are from him), Joe Bourke For weaps from WOW 3.1, Earl Laamanen for weaps from Standard Upgrade, DVS WEAPS MOD for the fantastics SR47,SR 47 Desert, M72 LAW, abr1968beta creator for the backpack model, Sixpence
Estimated release date: ---
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Mod synopsis: A mod based on the Italian Army. All the regulars and specialists belong to the: Col Moschin, 187th Reg.Foglore, 4th Reg. Alpini and others. A full campaign is in development too.


Type of Mod: Total Conversion
Modmakers: Lexsis
Estimated released date: ---
Forum Thread: Click here
Mod Synopsis: A mod sorted out as a personal mod that became a full scale project. Look into the features:
-3 new maps are included; desert city type, desert village type and a jungle map which has been requested my many people.
-8 new character models (and new skins)
-over 850 kits (300+ rifleman, 120+ support, 300+ demo, 100+ sniper) dont be overwhelmed by this number of kits, they are well named so you can modify or remove them as you wish.
-all new 32 characters for multiplayer games (8 for each platoon)
-actors packaged in sets so you can choose; marines, boonies, delta, lex: each set comes with is own set of specialist too.
-some new kit types for multiplayer; silenced weapons only, limited explosives (gives you only 2 frags) no support, SMGs only.
At the moment the mod is 70% complete. What it really needs is some missions so mission scripters are needed.


Type of Mod: Total Conversion + Campaign
Modmakers: Ingeloop, XE_Joker, Callmehobbes, Richmondskin, Viper-6 and The Slink
Estimated release date: End of March-beginning of April 2005
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Mod Synopsis: Ingeloop's first mod-release. But he has recived teriffic help from the modding community.
His group aim is to show how lethal the southafrican army and their special forces are.
The Zimbabwe president Mugabe is really pushing his luck by letting his army and paramilitary
forces do raids into southafrican territory, and also trying to unite several countries against south-
africa (Angola and Zambia for instance).
Includes: This mod includes southafrican weapons, such as the vektor series and the amr-rifle Mechem NTW-20. It also includes recce special forces chr´s.


Type of Mod: Total conversion
Modmakers: Chems, Deleyt, Thumper
Other work by modmakers: British Infantry Mod, M16 Armoury, Littlebird, Blackhawk Upgrade, Australian SASR Defenders, SWAT Mod, DC3 Mod, Starship Troopers, Deleyt: White Skull Valley, Thumper: 7.62mm Weapon Mod
Estimated release date: Early May 2005
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Mod Synopsis: The main aspect of the mod is a 1km by 1km map which includes in its centre the MSR which was the real B20 target. The mod will portray an 8 man set of chrs modelled in high poly with newly paint 1024x1024 textures. Each will come with full Desert DMP half and half DMP better at night, and both version with bergan or not. Aimed more at the multi player Coop experience the player will incounter things such as Scud Launchers, BMPs, arab village, SAM Batteries, Direction Finding radio transmission loacting sites as well as other things such as goat herds and their herder. The map will come in both Dusk, Dawn and Night Versions. Combat over these distance provides a new challenge to the player specially with the lack of a command map. Included with the mod there will be a printable version of the map in Ordance Survey manner just like the real guy have to use. So you will need to naviagte using landmarks and your map. Fighting as a small unit in a large area over many battles at such long distance should provide a new experience for the player and the desert is full of "wadis" and tank berms for players to ambush Iraqi patrols. The 1 mission will be included but it will have many objectives and off mission things to engage.

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