Ghost Recon Mods Roundup 8
By: Stalker

Published : 26th December 2004
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Mods Roundup - December 2004

Some news first:

In the previous Mods Roundup you got to know that Sgt. Crocodile stopped working on his Brazilian Special Forces modification, Chems dropped his Starship Troopers mod and Parabellum the Dynacomp mod. Now here is the good news! Sixpence is going to finish Brazilian Special Forces, Chems continued working on SST and Parabellum is working on Dynacomp again!

Now here are the previews of some mods currently in progress.


Type of mod: Map
Modmakers: Deleyt (map, gameshell), Nexus (mission), SnowFella (contribution: 4 cars).
Other work by modmakers:
deleyt: White-Skull Valley.
Nexus: Broken Arrow (White-Skull Valley mission), Hammer To Fall.
SnowFella: SWEBAT 2005, Ares Shrike, XM8-mod, small contributions in other mods.
Estimated release date: December 2004 / January 2005.
Ghost Forum Thread: Here
Mod synopsis: Story: A group of russians belonging to the mafia hijacked a cargo-train, transporting cooling-water used in a nuclear reactor. The water has very low contamination and as such the transport isn't concidered a high-risk. The russians however learned that several small fragments of the nuclear rods came with the water and they now want to obtain it to manufacture dirty-bombs and disrupt the russian economy. They succeeded in capturing the train and are trying to rendez-vous with a small cargo-ship laying at harbor in Gdansk/Poland.
To prevent the exchange, a special team has been quickly dispatched.
Due to the fact that the train is at full speed and that electricity-poles are blocking any entry to the train from the air, a radical plan has been brought forward to use a second train as a jumpbase to seize the cargo-train, eliminate the hostiles and secure the nuclear basins.
The most special feature of this map is the fact that the trains are in motion while the player is on the trains and fighting his way towards the enemy.
The entire scenery is whisking by as the player gets to walk both inside as outside the trains.
Boards and ladders provide horizontal and vertical movement between the trains and between the seperate floors. The roof of several carriages can be accessed aswell, where a full view can be taken of the scenery speeding by.
The basics of a technique called "parallax" will be used to create depth in the scenery and make it look convincing.
- 1 map in different weather-conditions (day, dusk, night, rain).
- 1 SP/COOP mission.
- 1 Firefight-mission.
- Several multiplayer-gametypes.
- Custom sounds.
- Custom gameshell.



Type of Mod: Weapons/Skins/Missions
Modmakers:  Parabellum, Matt03, members of DTD
Other Work by Modmakers: 
Parabellum - "DRAG series"
Cobra6 - "No Easy Day", "Israel Defense Forces";
Estimated Release Date:  No ETA
Ghost Forum Thread: Here
Mod Synopsis:  A Streamlined version of this mod is currently underway.  After reviving the mod, the team has abandoned the RPG element of the mod.
The modification will focus on high-quality character skins and weapons, as well as a variety of missions.
Tweaked enemy weapons. Enemy combatants now react more like human beings, and not like uber-soldier robots.
Brand new sounds for DYNACOMP weapons, sampled from recordings of the real weapons, all 100% original.


Type of mod: Character / Equipment
Modmakers: DOG-ZEBRA – OPCOM and Misc.
Estimated release date: OUT NOW!!! Just released, download here!
Ghost Forums Thread: Here
Mod synopsis: The design of this mod aims to recreate the feel of the Ghost Recon we know and love but from an entirely German perspective by immersing the player with KSK / Bundeswehr operators, realistic kits, and communication and commands in spoken in German.
Includes: New German character models and skins for all standard classes created for each environment. Also included is a compliment of individual, multi-national specialists. This mod features the highest quality weapons by the most talented modders in the community set in authentic and balanced kits.


FROM DUSK TILL DAWN  (Working Title)

Type of mod: Total conversion
Modmakers: Sgt.Crocodile, Sixpence
Other work by modmakers:
Sgt. Crocodile – Brazilian Special Forces;
Sixpence – Bravo 2-5, British Royal Marines, Under the blood sun and many more
Estimated release date: Spring 2005
Ghost Forums Thread: Here
Mod synopsis: Based on the current events in Afghanistan, done by several Special Forces Groups.
Includes: New characters and skins, several maps re-textured to Hindukusch Mountains and Desert environments with a 8-12 Mission campaign.