Ghost Recon Mods Roundup 7
By: Stalker

Published : 13th November 2004
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Mods Roundup - November 2004

News regarding Ghost Recon 2 are flooding the forums at and as a consequence people should expect a period of relatively calm on the side of mods development. However, this is highly untrue. New big mods are in sight and here can you find details of them:


Type of mod: Skins, Missions
Modmakers: Pingvinx, Dog-Zebra
Estimated release date: mid December 2004
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Mod synopsis: Set in the border areas between Kosovo and Macedonia. Also known as the "route" to Europe. This is the place where most of the drugs and guns find their ways into the continent. Tension is growing between nato-forces stationed in Kosovo and Albanian population. The region is on the edge of war. Missions will go from hostage-rescuing, destroy smugler convoys, eliminate enemy leaders, to assist nato forces in the region. This may be a future scenario of the Balkan conflict.
Includes:New skins of European Special Forces, some never done before in GR-mods. New models from Dog-Zebra. It may include some new weapons.


Type of Mod: Skins, Weapons, Missions
Modmakers: Sixpence and SFOR2010 Dev Team
Estimated released date: December 2004
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Mod Synopsis: Several typical KSK operations in different scenes in the the near future.
Includes: New skins of the German KSK and new weapons from the Bundeswehr; 3 Mini-campaigns with 3 missions each playing in Africa and Georgia; all in all about 8-12 missions, mainly playing on user-made maps like "The Dam" or maps from Tof.


Type of Mod: Missions, Models
Modmakers: Reiver
Estimated release date: Spring 2005
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Mod Synopsis: A mini-mod loosely based around the US army's campaign aiding the UN in Somalia in 93'
Includes: 2 retextured maps (so far) Polling Station & Villinus, New vehicles and weapons provided by Blakarion such as a "Technical" with .50cal, Humvee's that can carry passengers, trucks charcters can shoot out of. Includes 6 Mission Campaign


Type of Mod: Maps
Modmakers: Biro
Estimated release date: December 2004
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Mod Synopsis: The author of the famous "The farm" map is now working on two brand-new maps. Both will be included in the Alpha Mod patch, and Barricades will be used specially in a mod made by Brandon Kappel.
Includes: Two new high-qualitiy maps.

"THE GREAT WALL" (working title)

Type of Mod: Stand-alone map mod with SP mission
Modmakers: Worm (Mapper), Jay316 (mission scripter, to be confirmed)
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Estimated Release Date: December 2004
Mod Synopsis: This is the first public-release mod Worm ever made in his life. It is a map mod originally made-to-order for a campaign mod, which did not take off. Now released as a stand-alone with mission(s) by Jay316.
Includes: A SP sized map featuring a section of the Great Wall of China. There are 900 meter sections of Wall (approx 600 m playable) surounded by countryside. Playable in SP/MP game-types (eg Firefight, Defend etc) Missions to be confirmed.


Type of mod: Map mod
Modmaker: BornToKill_TAW
Estimated release date: Fall/Winter 2004
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Mod synopsis: 2nd Map for the TAW Multiplayer Map mod to be released with Swamp Maze around X-mas time. Full size (400m2) map set in the grounds of a large 40 Room mansion. Various rooms inc, Ballroom, dining Room, Billiard room, Library,Study,Kitchen,Stores,Wine cellar,various bedrooms, Hallways etc.. Extensive Grounds include a lake and small river/stream, Large rear gardens, Helipad, Pool, Garage, out buildings/sheds. There are 3 levels to the mansion including the roof which is accessed by a fire escape at the rear. This map is designed to be AI friendly (except the Roof access) to enable SAR missions etc.

Lately Dropped Mods for Ghost Recon

BRAZILIAN SPECIAL FORCES (to be continued when Ghost Recon 2 arrives)

Type of Mod:  Weapons, Missions, Characters
Modmakers:  Sgt.Crocodile, RR_GRT, Chems, DTD Warden Mac, Streinger, NSO Suli
Contributors:  Tmichc, Bajabravo, Avey2904, Arkanis, FGT_Shadow, Stalker Zero, The Blakeness, El Patricio and Pyro_Monty
Estimated Release Date:  Dropped for Ghost Recon 1, to be continued on Ghost Recon 2
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Mod Synopsis:  Based on the special forces and special operations teams from the Brazilian Army, Navy, Air Force, Federal Police and Marine Corps.
Content: It brings new Characters. for standard soldiers, specialists and enemies as well.
Lots of new weapons and some unseen in any other mod, like the IMBEL MD2, MD3 and AGCL sniper rifle. The players can expect a brand new campaign with 8 missions including, stealth missions, assassination, C-SAR and even Tank Busting.
It's a nice way to learn about SOF teams from around the world.

(ModSynopsis taken from Mods Roundup 4 By: Giwex)