Ghost Recon Mods Roundup 6
By: Stalker

Published : 9th September 2004
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Type of mod: Total Conversion - Characters, Weapons, Missions, Maps
Modmakers: SkyJockey (formerly known as HotPants), sleeper, El oso, Don Miguel
Other work by modmakers: SkyJockey - "SabreTeams", "Resident Evil, Canadian Ops, Swedish Force"; sleeper - "Frostbite", "Swedish Force"; El Oso - "War of Infamy, Frostbite..."; Don Miguel - "War of Infamy... "
Estimated release date: Fall 2004
Mod synopsis: It follows SEAL Team 1 in 1968 (the lunar year of the monkey). It has completely new Standard character models and skins with all completely new Era authentic weapons. 12 New specialist models ranging from SEALs to many other units from Vietnam, all with unique new weapons. Brand new enemy VC and NVA character models/skins with new weapons and Vietnamese voiceovers. New civilian models, NPC models such as the 1st Cavalry unit. UH-1 Huey, Navy Riverine PBR, F-4 Phantom, Vietnamese Sampans. 9 new maps, and a complete mission campaign



Type of Mod: Total Conversion
Modmakers: RapidLockerGnome aka Simplesuperman
Contributors El Oso, Chems, Argyll, DTD, Tmichc, GR Modder*AFZ*, Jay316, Sleeper, Kaffee, Bajabravo, Cobaka, Earl, *NSO*Croc, Standalone
Estimated released date: Fall 2004
Download Beta Version: Click here
Mod Synopsis: That Others May Live is a modification for the PC version of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon. The modification is centered around US Air Force Pararescuemen in several missions including operations in Afghanistan and Iraq.
Includes: USAF PJs Characters, several new weapons, a brand new map called "The Mosque" and many more.


Type of Mod: partial conversion (equipment/skin)
Modmakers: Cocobolo, Cobra6, WardenMac, Whisper-44 (DTD Pro Mod Team)
Other work by modmakers: Cocobolo, Cobra6, WardenMac, Whisper-44 (DTD Pro Mod Team)
Estimated release date: Late Summer 2004
Mod Synopsis:You say you like the Ghosts, but wouldn't mind some winter SEAL team 2 gear and characters to use in Frostbite? This add-on for the excellent Frostbite TC Mod, adds about 25 weapons in winter camo, and replaces all default characters and several Specialists. New sounds, reticles, and splash screens integrate seamlessly into the original feel and look of Frostbite. This mod is based on work from the Team Mod, along with some hot new weapons.
Includes: All new characters, winter camo'd weapons/kits, new sounds, splash screens and rets


Type of Mod: Equipment
Modmakers: Sixpence, Chems, Murmel, Sgt.Crocodile
Other work by modmakers: Sixpence - Bravo 2-5, Demons Rage, 75th Ranger Mod, British Royal Marines ... ; Chems - British Infantry, Little Bird mod ...; Murmel - Operation:Hondoo; Sgt. Crocodile - Brazilian Special Forces
Estimated release date: RELEASED: DOWNLOAD HERE
Mod Synopsis: Shows the Ghosts as SEAL members in many different outfits, equipped for rapid action. As gimmick the specialists will be the members of the SEAL team from the movie Tears of the Sun ! A lot of new weapons will be included.




Type of Mod: Equipment Mod
Modmakers: Stalker
Other work by modmaker: Auscam Skinpack, Stalker V1-Operation:Desperate Cry
Estimated Release Date: Late 2004
Mod Synopsis: A equipment mod based on the famous DTD No Easy Day total conversion. Replaces all default and specialists characters with brand new soldiers from different units (SF and non SF) from the whole world (using the 1024x1024 skins for doubled details.) The weapons NED will be assigned to the new soldiers.



Type of mod: Equipment mod
Modmaker: Snow Fella
Other work by modmakers: Swebat 2005
Estimated release date: Mid-September
Mod synopsis: Includes the new XM8 weapon system from Heckler&Koch. The base-weapons are:
XM8 basemodel
XM8 Sharpshooter
XM8 Compact
XM8 Compact with collapsible stock
XM8/XM320 combo
Some of the weapons will come with added M4QD suppressor SnowFella also mentioned that there will be a surprise included for the players enjoyement.