Ghost Recon Mods Roundup 5
By: Stalker and Giwex

Published : 26th August 2004
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Mods Roundup - August 2004

"Operation Darkstar"

Type of mod: Total conversion
Modmaker: Blakarion (scripting, skins and everything else not Modelling !)
Contributions: Giwex, =MM= Shadow (weapons), Yodasplat (weapons), Snowfella (weapons), Streinger (weapons), Earl (weapons), El_Oso (vehicles), Chems (vehicle), Lisac (vehicle), XmanL (item)
Estimated release date: September 2004
Mod synopsis: Set in Indonesia in 2005, its the third installment of a continuing plotline (started in Op SnakeStrike and OpAfterShock). The team A9 has been sent to Indonesia to help the local government to face the new launched guerrilla war by the rebels who want to destabilize the nation as well as the region. They end up in the middle of a full scale civil-war, against opponents much more powerfull then they could have imagined...
Includes: 14 missions campaign entirely scripted by Blakarion;
New skins, multi-national heroes, Weapons (inc Snowfellas M8's), Vehicles, items (the EMU !), music made available by many contributors make this mod a total conversion.
Beta tested: Giwex



Type of Mod: 10-11 Mission Campaign
Modmakers: Sixpence, StereoG, Dugite, Chems, Murmel, Duke
Estimated released date: August 2004
Mod Synopsis: Civil War in Sudan, and a handful brave SF have to protect the UN Members against rebels, enemy tribals, warlords and last but not least against the Sudan government....
Includes: New missions for the well known WOI Afrika Korps Maps. Also included are 3 brand new maps from StereoG & Dugite


Type of Mod: 10 Mission Campaign
Modmakers: Sixpence, TOF, Chems, Murmel, Duke
Estimated release date: September 2004
Mod Synopsis: There is a new immediate threat in South-east Asia. Drug gangs hold the balance of power at the Cambodian / Vietnamese border and the Cambodian government is powerless to intervene. The situation has reached the boiling point and you have been tasked to act on it. The King of Cambodia has asked the United Nations for assistance and the International Community has reacted. The World hold on their breath and waits for the Big-Bang....
Includes: Exciting new missions for the well known WOI Pacific Theatre Maps. Also included are brand new maps from TOF !

"Mission: Afghanistan"

Type of Mod: Skins, weapons, missions
Modmakers: Streinger, Giwex
Estimated release date: fall/winter 2004 progress forum
Mod Synopsis: Set in Afghanistan, this mod is inspired by recent events in Afghanistan and cover the involvement of the Croatian contingent in ISAF peacekeeping mission.
Includes: New skins of the Croatian Army and other international units, brand new weapons (like MG36), small campaign


"Starship Troopers"


Type of Mod: Total Conversion
Modmakers: Chems
Contributors: Spider CSK, Shadow
Other Work by Modmakers: Embassy Revisted, M16 Armoury, SWAT, Littlebirds, ADF SASR Defenders, British infantry
Estimated Release Date: fall 2004
Mod Synopsis: This Mod is based on the movie Starship Troopers, which in turn is based on the novel of the same name by Robert A. Heinlein. Depicting a interglobal war between future Earth society and the fearsome bugs of the planet Klendathu, the movie had more special effects than Michael Jackson's nose. The mod, temporarily in slow development due to end of the semester exams, is well underway and looking great. If you are a fan of the movie Starship Troopers, stick this mod at the top of your wishlist!
Learn more about the Starship Trooper Mod here.
(Mod synopsis taken from Mods Roundup 2 by Recon Snake)


Type of mod: SP/Co-op mission mod
Modmaker: Migryder
Other work by modmakers: Africa Burning, Guatemala:Ides of March, Knight Fork
Estimated release date: Late August/early September
Mod synopsis: The author of some well known mission mods is nearly done with another one. Here is what he has to say: Five missions on orginal GR maps: Red Square, Embassy, Mountain, Day Battlefield, and Caves.