Ghost Recon Mods Roundup 4
By: Giwex

Published : 27th July 2004
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Mods Roundup - July 2004

Lately news regarding the release of Ghost Recon 2 are flooding the forums at and as a consequence people should expect a period of relatively calm on the side of mods development. However, this is highly untrue. New big mods are in sight and here you can find details of those who have been advertised at the forum for some time now. Let's hope they will not be dropped after some time like many other good mods advertised in the past editions of Mods Roundup!

Brazilian Special Forces

Type of Mod:  Weapons, Missions, Characters
Modmakers:  Sgt.Crocodile, RR_GRT, Chems, DTD Warden Mac, Streinger, NSO Suli
Contributors:  Tmichc, Bajabravo, Avey2904, Arkanis, FGT_Shadow, Stalker Zero, The Blakeness, El Patricio and Pyro_Monty
Estimated Release Date:  Xmas of 2004 or maybe sooner
Mod Synopsis:  Based on the special forces and special operations teams from the Brazilian Army, Navy, Air Force, Federal Police and Marine Corps.
Content: It brings new Characters. for standard soldiers, specialists and enemies as well.
Lots of new weapons and some unseen in any other mod, like the IMBEL MD2, MD3 and AGCL sniper rifle. The players can expect a brand new campaign with 8 missions including, stealth missions, assassination, C-SAR and even Tank Busting.
It's a nice way to learn about SOF teams from around the world.

Operation: Desperate Cry (Stalker V1)

Type of mod: Total conversion
Modmakers: Stalker
Contributors: Chems, t3k|murmel2, Sgt. Crocodile, =Drag=, dekela, caramon, snared gambit, chrismason, AV Apollo, tof, Streinger, argyll, prozac360, Sixpence, matze
Estimated release date: summer/fall 2004
Mod Synopsis: A total conversion mod set in Democratic Republic of Congo. You are playing with allied forces like the German, Australians or British. There are also many new weapons included, mostly weapons from Heckler & Koch. Beside the campaign there is also a bunch of brand new vehicles like the CH53 chopper, destroyable Black Hawks, Leopard and Marder tanks and the Australian Defender, included. The long list of contributors testify the good friendly attitude of Stalker with the community of


Type of mod: Total conversion
Modmakers: Tollen, SnowFella, Thumper1518, Lancer, Mamon
Other work by modmakers: SnowFella - Ares Shrike + numerous characters for other mods. Thumper1518 - 7.62mm, Thumper Compilation MOD. Lancer - 151 internal training mod. Mamon - American civil war.
Estimated release date: Late 2004
Mod synopsis: Based on a possible future flare-up on the Balkans by rogue local army units and the following deployment to that region by a Swedish rapid reaction force it aims to realistically portray Swedish troops, vehicles and equipments. After over a year in production to date the team
hopes for a release sometime in the later part of 2004.
Includes: All new characters and skins for normal, night and winter operatives.
New realistically portrayed Swedish weaponry, from the AK5 to AG90.
Several new vehicles. APC's, IFV's, Helicopters and cars.
Several maps re-textured to winter settings.
Mission campaign.


Type of mod: Missions, Characters, Retextured maps
Modmakers: Mehn_15
Estimated release date: not yet defined
Mod synopsis: In the past it was announced but never released (and actually dropped) an Afghanistan mod. Now Mehn decided to get moving to the modding scene because he didn’t want to drop the idea of a mod covering the Afghanistan situation. Skins and retextures are completely new and there will be also some new models. Some missions are planned but it’s too early to give an estimate release date. The drafted missions are :
1) Insertion into Taliban controlled territory to meet up w/ U.S. friendly warlord
2) Assisting w/ insertion of conventional U.S. forces
3) Co-op mission w/ UK SBS to secure oil well
4) The battle at the Qala-i-Jangi fortress in Mazar-e-Sharif
5) Join in the hunt for Osama bin Laden and other top ranking al Qaeda commanders.