Ghost Recon Mods Roundup III
By: Pyro_Monty

Published : 26th November 2003
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Mods Roundup

Looking for a sweet new mod this Christmas? Look no further! This month's report will focus on new and upcoming mods that you may have heard about in our forums and that you might want to add to your Christmas list. So check these out and let the Ghost Recon community's very own Elves know what you'd like in our forums.

"Tears of the Sun"

Type of Mod:  Weapons, Missions, Characters

Modmakers:  Argyll, Marcinko, Snared_Gambit

Other Work by Modmakers:  Argyll - "GROM", "Colt M4 Armoury"; Marcinko - "Afghanistan, "Dynacomp"; Snared_Gambit - "Operation: Starless Nova"

Estimated Release Date:  2003

Mod Synopsis:  Based on the film of the same name, this mod will take you through the journey of Lt. Waters and his men with new weapons, characters and possibly a six-mission mini campaign. After the collapse of the democratic government in Nigeria, a group of US Navy SEALs are deployed into the country to bring back American citizen by marriage, Dr. Lena Kendricks. Dr. Kendricks will not leave her Catholic mission without her 70 patients who would otherwise be killed by local rebels. The SEALs, led bt Lt. Waters must guide the Doctor and the villagers on a treacherous path to political asylum at the Cameroon border.



Type of Mod:  Total Conversion

Modmakers:  Parabellum, Bajabravo, Argyll, Cobra6, El Oso, Snared_Gambit

Other Work by Modmakers:  Parabellum - "DRAG series"; Bajabravo - "Frostbite", "War of Infamy", "SabreTeams"; Argyll - "GROM", "Colt M4 Armoury"; Cobra6 - "No Easy Day", "Israel Defense Forces"; El Oso - "Frostbite", "War of Infamy"; Snared_Gambit - "Operation: Starless Nova"

Estimated Release Date:  2004

Mod Synopsis:  A secretive next-generation mod guarunteed to surprise the Ghost Recon community with its originality and refinement. All we know is the following:

  • Several new sub-classes within the rifleman class, each with their own uniform and dedicated weapons.
  • A completely new character class: The Grenadier. The sniper class has been completely removed and replaced (including the class name) from the game. Snipers are now only available as specialists.
  • A ground-breaking non-linear campaign.
  • New training facilities, and training missions, to help you learn various techniques and tactics.
  • Accurate represenations of United States military uniforms and equipment. We have two dedicated Military Advisors on this project.
  • A new style of gameplay, which requires foresight, cunning, and great skill.
  • Tweaked enemy weapons. Enemy combatants now react more like human beings, and not like uber-soldier robots.
  • Brand new sounds for DYNACOMP weapons, sampled from recordings of the real weapons, all 100% original.
  • Other details are still very much under-wraps at this time but keep an eye on the forums for more information.

    "British Infantry Mod"

    Type of Mod:  Weapons, Vehicles, Missions, Characters

    Modmakers:  Earl, Jack57, Argyll, Chems, Streinger, AUS Viper

    Other Work by Modmakers:  Earl - "Spetsgruppa Vympel", "Standard Upgrade"; Jack57 - "Saving Pilot Ryan", "Postcards from Peru", "Band of Brothers", "Bothers in Arms"; Argyll - "GROM", "Colt M4 Armoury"; Chems - "Starship Troopers"; Streinger - "Operation: Stabilise", "Croatian Army"; AUS Viper - "Operation: Stabilise"

    Estimated Release Date:  2004

    Mod Synopsis:  The "British Infantry Mod" will provide players with realistic weapons and equipment in the theme of the British Army. Included will be new L85 and L86 models, a new L96A1 model, new FN Minimi and GPMG models, some original maps retextured for winter, a Lynx helicopter and a Land Rover Defender. Not to mention dozens of high-quality character models and skins!


    "American Civil War"

    Type of Mod:  Equipment - Characters, Weapons

    Modmakers:  Mamon, TeXaN, Swarm

    Other Work by Modmakers:  Unknown

    Estimated Release Date:  2003

    Mod Synopsis:  "American Civil War" will allow players to take sides as either the "Unionists" or the "Confederates" and make use of all of the weaponry and equipment associated with each side. Included will be muzzle-loading rifles and an all-new flag bearer unit. Think of it like a virtual re-enactment.