Ghost Recon Mods Roundup II
By: ReconSnake

Published : 4th June 2003
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One of the best things about Ghost Recon is the fact that modders in the gaming community are willing to invest long hours into extending the life of it by producing top-notch mods for FREE! With so many excellent mods looming on the horizon, offers the latest installment of its Mod Roundup to help you keep informed of what's coming. Here are five mods that you will want to keep an eye out for:

Type of Mod: Total Conversion
Modmakers: Marcinko, Kamakazi, The_Slink, JTF-2, Chems
Other Work by Modmakers: Unknown

Estimated Release Date: Summer 2003

Mod Synopsis: Set in Afghanistan, this mod comes to you directly from recent history. It is intended to immerse you in the role of Allied forces battling terrorist forces in events similar to those faced in Operation Enduring Freedom. The Afghanistan team has put together some impressive models and skins so far, and if one views them as a testament to the overall quality of this mod, it should be a winner. You can follow the progress of the Afghanistan mod here.


"DTD Total Conversion Counter Terrorism Mod"
Type of Mod: Total Conversion
Modmakers: DTD Pro Mod Team, Consultation by J.M. Halpin of, Premise developed by Bugkill
Other Work by Modmakers: Israeli Defense Forces (Ghost Recon), DTD Expert Handgun Modification (Rainbow Six/Rogue Spear)

Estimated Release Date: 2003

Mod Synopsis: Those familiar with DTD's past work are no doubt looking forward to this release. The DTD TCCTM is to center around "US and allied CT forces globally" and will have 3 different play scenarios available Including:

"[1] DELTA CAG and DEVGRU vip protection involving Karzai, as well as other US and foreign diplomats. Tactical plainclothes roster and specialist roster designed down to the last detail from current reference pics. Accompanying weapons kit selection.

[2]DELTA, DEVGRU, USMC, AUSAS, GROM, UK SAS/sbs/royal marines Full tactical gear roster/specialist roster involving covert actions in varying environments. Accompanying weapons kit selection.

[3]Advisor and Insurgent forces roster/specialist roster involving actions coordinated with indigenous forces of various areas, Accompanying weapons kit selection."

Read a little more on the DTD Total Conversion Counter-Terrorism Mod here. You can find the DTD Pro Mod Team's site here.


"Hacker Hunt"
Type of Mod: Mission, Weapon and Skin
Modmakers: Ruin
Other Work by Modmakers: Several Tutorials posted at

Estimated Release Date: 2003

Mod Synopsis: Recent attacks on some of the sites associated with the Ghost Recon gaming community (including left many of us with our blood boiling. Ruin's Hacker Hunt seeks to give outlet to that frustration by providing the means necessary to virtually destroy the offending hackers. Features listed at Ruin's Hacker Hunt Storyline page include:

  • Staff and Consultant specialists
  • Community members as Rifleman, Demolitions Experts, Support Experts, and Snipers
  • A new arsenal of weapons, revamped previous ones, and all new weapon attachments.
  • Up to six missions.
  • MP only missions, including defend and siege.
  • Unique MP kit restrictions
  • Possible additions to maps (objects)

Follow the development of Hacker Hunt in this thread.

"Operation: Stabilise"
Type of Mod: Total Conversion
Modmakers: AUS Viper, Streinger, Jack57, Black Sabbath, Chems and Giwex

Estimated Release Date: 2003

Mod Synopsis: "This mod is a total conversion for Ghost Recon that allows the player to re-enact the events of the East Timor conflict of 1999 / 2000, through the eyes of an Aussie Soldier in the Special Air Service Regiment. It offers a brand new Story-line based 12 mission campaign (Operation Stabilise) set in East Timor. The early missions are based on actual events of the conflict against the Pro-Jakarta militia. To make the MOD interesting, it moves from fact to fiction with the player facing up against real Indonesian soldiers (TNI) in the latter part of the campaign."

Features will include:

  • US forces replaced with Australian Defence Force personnel.
  • Base four classes (Rifleman, Support, Demolitions, Sniper) are modelled on the AUS SASR. -
  • Brand new very original 13 mission campaign. To totally immerse the player, the campaign builds a story as the player completes each mission. For example, documents seized in one mission will assist with INTEL in the next. It's not just 12 random missions "strung" together. -
  • An beand new ASLAV vehicle model.
  • Lots of new weapons. Even the standard GR weapons (used in this mod) have been re-designed. All weapon load outs specific to the character's origin. (enemies, NPC's and Allied). For example, SASR use the M4 / 203, 2RAR use the Austeyr, British Ghurkha's use the SA80, Militia use whatever they can.

Take a look at the thread detailing Operation: Stabilise in our forums. You can find the official Operation: Stabilise website here.

"Starship Troopers"
Type of Mod: Weapon, Character, Skin
Modmakers: Chems
Other Work by Modmakers: Embassy Revisted

Estimated Release Date: 2003

Mod Synopsis: This Mod is based on the movie Starship Troopers, which in turn is based on the novel of the same name by Robert A. Heinlein. Depicting a interglobal war between future Earth society and the fearsome bugs of the planet Klendathu, the movie had more special effects than Michael Jackson's nose. The mod, temporarily in slow development due to end of the semester exams, is well underway and looking great. If you are a fan of the movie Starship Troopers, stick this mod at the top of your wishlist!

Learn more about the Starship Trooper Mod here.