Ghost Recon Mods Roundup
By: Pyro_Monty

Published : 3rd May 2003
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Mods Roundup

Ghost Recon modmakers are just as active as the rest of our thriving community. There are quite a few sweet, new mods in production out there. Many of them you only hear about in our forums before they are released. Join us as we take our first regular look at some highly anticipated mods that you should keep an eye on. We will make this a regular feature from now on, just to keep you updated.


Type of Mod: Total Conversion - Maps, Missions, Characters

Modmakers: EL OSO, Bajabravo, Neutron

Other Work by Modmakers: EL OSO - "War of Infamy", "Black Sun"; Bajabravo - "War of Infamy", "SabreTeams"; Neutron - "The Dam"

Estimated Release Date: 2003

Mod Synopsis: "Frostbite" is an arctic-themed mod featuring several new maps along with a mission campaign. Also included are new skins and vehicles - all perfect for the winter setting.


"Brothers in Arms"

Type of Mod: Mission Campaign

Modmaker: Jack57

Other Work by Modmaker: "Saving Pilot Ryan", "Band of Brothers", "Postcards from Peru"

Estimated Release Date: May 2003

Mod Synopsis: "Brothers in Arms" is a new mission campaign based on the "Island Thunder" maps. It continues the revolutionary theme of "Band of Brothers" in that you play the Island Thunder missions from the perspective of the enemy, fighting against the Ghosts

"Year of the Monkey"

Type of Mod: Total Conversion - Characters, Weapons, Missions

Modmakers: HotPants

Other Work by Modmakers: "SabreTeams", "Resident Evil"

Estimated Release Date: 2003

Mod Synopsis: "Year of the Monkey" is a total conversion mod based on American action during the Vietnam war in the late 1960s. It will allow players to immerse themselves in the environment of South-East Asia with new friend and enemy character models and uniforms along with scripted missions and weapons to match the era.

"Canadian Operatives V2"

Type of Mod: Equipment - Characters, Weapons, Vehicles

Modmakers: Bajabravo, Earl

Other Work by Modmakers: Bajabravo - "War of Infamy", "SabreTeams"; Earl - "Spetsgruppa Vympel", "Standard Upgrade"

Estimated Release Date: 2003

Mod Synopsis: "Canadian Operatives V2" is the sequel to one of the very first Ghost Recon mods. This expansion will bring the mod on from being barely a few well-made skins to being a fully-fledged equipment mod. Containing Canadian Armoured vehicles and tanks, rifles and soldiers, this mod is looking to be well worth the wait!