Modeling the suppressor
by Marcinko
Published : 18 June 2003


This Ghost Recon modding Tutorial was put together by Marcinko to show how to model a nice round suppressor that is not blocky and square.


Create the cylinder

Start out with your suppressor picture and create a cylinder (that's what i use). Your probably going to have to turn it to match the suppressor picture, so use select and rotate, use the y axis for this, and you can line it up in the left view....


Scale the model

Now you are going to have to play with the length. Just like a barrel, you will get that pretty easy, just trial and error. Add segments, you'll probably have to play around with the number, but you can count the number of stepdowns, stepups, or whatever in your suppressor Be sure to keep in mind, you may want one or two extra segments for the end up the suppressor, to give it a rounded look.

So after that's done, add a edit mesh modifier, and select vertices under edit mesh, and use select and uniform scale option. Grab the points, and scale up, or down, whichever need be. like so...


Finishing off

For the barrel end, I select the point at the very end, and drag it in, and make a ngon, like.