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Installing 3dsm Plugins

Published : October 3rd 2003
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This little tutorial will teach you how to install the 3dsm plugins for Max 5 or Max 4 but not version 3. I have created a little mod, which after placed in program files will allow you to install 3dsm over it, and you will automatically have the plugins. What you need:-

Step 1

What you need to do first is open up the 3dsm mod which will open winzip. You then need to extract this to where you wish to install 3dsm. I put it in program files but 3dsm by default puts it in C: file.

You need to have 3dsm UN-installed on your system at the moment so we can reinstall. (note: you may be able to lay the winzip file over your existing 3dsm folder if you know what your doing but I haven't tried this myself but for this we'll assume you don't have 3dsm installed.)

Step 2

Next your ready to install 3DSM, follow the instructions through till you get to the destination folder for 3D Studio Max. Change this to the same destination as where you extracted the 3DSM mod too. Now carry on with the install and re-start. (Sorry no picture, I'd have to uninstall 3DSM!)

Step 3

Open up 3DSM and choose your graphics card setting, normally OpenGL. Now in Max open up the tools Utilities menu:

Step 4:

As you can see mine already has the Map Editor button at the top of the menu. We now need to see and set yours so its there too.

Click on the configure buttons button:

Step 6:

A new window will open, you need to scroll down to the bottom of this window and find the sub menu Red Storm Entertainment, under this should be map editor. If this is not present then the mod has not worked. If it is you need to click and drag Map editor into the line of bars on the side, while you are here it may also be useful to put the poly counter here too seen as it's the main tool used by modders.

Step 7:

You are now ready to set up the unit configuration, this will mean you will be able to use the export settings found here to make sure your models export correctly for Ghost Recon. Go to the Customize menu and then Unit Setup:

Step 8:

Now a new window will open, select Metric and make sure its set to meters:

You are now ready to begin making models for Ghost Recon, for great tutorials go to www.piggyson.com and for export setting check our export settings here. I hope to see mods by you guys in the future and keep at max, it can be hard at first but the community is here to help.

Note to advanced users: in here the files of Javamans Smart Tools 1 are located, you can script them to work in max yourself. Also note that Smart Tools 2 is coming out soon so if you like it don't forget to update it of course all credit to Javaman.


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