Putting new faces on the Ghosts
by Element
Published : 8th July 2005
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You will need

1. Photoshop or PSP, and a bit of knowledge on one of them.
2. Photoshop rsb plugin (on CD).

Getting Ready

Ere we go. In your mod, you first must set up your folders, because we want to keep everything organized. So, open up your /mod/textures/ , and if you have not already, create a folder named "Allied" and "US_Sniper". The allied folder will contain faces for your rifleman, support and demo, and the sniper will contain the sniper faces.

Altering the faces

To make the faces you want, you will need Photoshop with the rsb plugin. Paint Shop Pro will do fine also. Find some face rsbs in other mod folders (get permission from original authors to use them first) that you would like to change to make your faces. I will not get into how to make the faces, and if you need help on modding the face, there are other great tutorials on different sites, including this one.

Making faces can get a bit annoying, and long, but you will need to go through each face. You can, however, make lets say, 3 faces and put them on all your characters in GR. Anyways, make your faces and save them to a temporary folder. If you want some special faces different from the others for your snipers, make a few of them too. We will name them face01.rsb for now, and sniper01.rsb for the sniper faces. If you would like to make your characters blink, you need to make the exact file again, but with eyes closed, and put _blink in the extension. For example, face01_blink.rsb.

Putting them in game

Now to put them in game. Let's say we made 10 brand new faces for ghost recon. In the game Ghost recon, the characters are divided into four different races. Black, white, asian, and spanish.

The face textures are therefore named, icg_wht_cmo_01.rsb, and icg_wht_cmo_01_blink.rsb for the faces of the white GR characters. For the spanish, replace wht with hsp, and for the black faces, replace wht with blk and for the asain characters replace the wht with asn. Now what you want to do is put all the faces in your temporary folder that you just made into the allied folder in your textured folder, and rename them to icg_wht_cmo_01.rsb and the blink files you will want to name icg_wht_cmo_01_blink.rsb.

Do the same with all the asian faces, and black and spanish faces. If you dont have enough faces made for all the races, it is no big deal, just make some copies of the other ones, and name them according to the race you need them for. Only problem is, an asian, for example may have a white face. No big deal though, please, no one get offended. It is very important for the files to have textures named with wht, blk, asn, and hsp, and they all need to have blink files. Whether the face files are really the correct face for the race, or wether the blink files have there eyes closed or not, doesn't matter.

OK, now copy all your sniper faces to the US_Sniper folder. If you didnt make any special sniper faces, just copy some of the other ones you made, and put them into the sniper folder. Now you again, need to name the face rsb's according to race.  Again if you dont have faces for one or more races, use the ones you have. Naming the sniper files is similar to the others,  you just need to change the cmo to snp. (example: icg_hsp_snp_02).

Checking in-game

Now, startup GR, and activate your mod. Make sure it is above any other skin mods in the list, and Ghost Recon will search your texture folder for the face files first, and all the characters will have your new faces on them!

What we have just done will overwrite only the origmiss files, not mp1 and mp2. If you want to make Island Thunder faces, just put _cuba at the very end of the rsb. Example: icg_asn_cmo_01_blink_cuba.rsb.

I dont know what goes at the end of the Desert Siege rsb's, cuz i dont have Desert Siege,   but by now you should be able to figure it out. Just go to /mp1/textures/faces/ghosts and see what is on the end of the file.

Good luck and if you have any questions email me at daniel_lapp14@hotmail.com, or pm me here at Ghostrecon.net.

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