Ghost Recon Maps Report
By: Giwex

Published : 21st September 2004
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Ghost Recon Maps Report

If you look into our download section you will find a page dedicated to the new maps. The reason why the sections is so small (if compared with the other ones, like for example the equipments mods) is that RSE did not provide the community of a specific design tool since maps can be modded using a very expensive software called 3Dstudio Max.

Someone could argue that weapon models require such software but in this case you have to consider the tremendous amount of time, imagination and dedication required to make a new map from scratch.

In the past we had excellent examples of map makers and here I would like to remember Neutron (Author of almost all the maps in Frostbite and the first map available for GR "The Dam") and Battleborne Team who made "Ossetian Woodlands".

However lately news of new maps are flooding the forum. In this report the most recent maps (released and to be released) will be listed.

Just released...


Mapmaker: El oso
Other maps by modmaker: The Keep and Winter wilderness from Frostbite ; Desert Airfield, Escarpment, Coastal Road and Ruweisat Ridge from War of Infamy Afrika Korps, Alligator Creek, Edson's Ridge, Inlet from War of Infamy Pacific Theather ; The Outpost (TG Map 1) finalization of H-hour work "
Discussion forum: Click Here
Download Link: PC Version || MAC Version
Synopsis: From one of the best map makers, a heart breaking map to put the original ones by RSE on a lower level. Released as a stand alone mod with 3 versions of the same map (day, night and dusk) the map is mainly based on a big mosque in a desert environment. Excellent for MP missions the map will be featured also in the upcoming mods Under The Bloody Sun by Sixpence and That Others May Live by RabidLockerGnome.



Mapmakers: H-hour, finalization by El Oso
Other full maps from the author: none
Discussion forum: Click Here
Download Link: PC Version || MAC Version || MAC Version Patch || Command map for Multiplayer matches
Synopsis: Developed by H-hour for the Tactical Gamer 3.1. It has been dropped due to real life commitments just when it was almost completed. El Oso took on the task to complete it. The map has a few buildings in a central area, surrounded in nicely lighted wooded areas. Plenty of cover and different elevations should offer good games. It comes with three lighting versions from various times of day. The map is available as stand alone mod with no mission.



Mapmaker: Biro
Other full maps from the author: none
Discussion forum: Click Here
Download Link: CLICK HERE
Synopsis: This map is not so recent but IMHO it passed unobserved by the greatest part of the community being only advertised through the forum. Already featured in the final mission of Alpha Squad Tournament 2004 the map has just been updated to reflect those feedbacks given by the community. A top of notch map!



Type of Mod: Equipment
Mapmaker: Tof
Other full maps from the author: Cartel and Traffic (previous release and not more available)
Discussion forum: Click here
Download link: Click here
Synopsis: Another case of wonderful map passed (almost) unnoticed by the community. This superlative mod had been released many months ago but the community found it unplayable cause of the huge amount of polygons adopted. Now the map has been largely optimized and in the pack two smaller versions are also available for MP matches. The mod is almost a total conversion mod including skins, weapons, vehicles and missions!!!  


To be released soon...



Mapmaker: BornToKill TAW
Other full maps from the author: none
Discussion forum: Click here
Synopsis: As a new map maker BornToKill TAW wishes to be introduced to the community in a huge way and decided to start a map based on a huge maze, designed for multiplayer matches, with 3 levels CQB map with scope for sniping with plenty of cover. The attention for details seems very good and also the light effects are worthy to be mentioned. The map will be available in night and day versions.
Estimated date for release is very soon.



Mapmaker: Blahb
Other full maps from the author: none
Discussion Forum Click here
Download link (BETA VERSION!): Click here
Synopsis: Blahb only made a couple of posts in our forum to advertise his new map and make it available in beta version for users in order to be able to get some feedback. Let me say that feedbacs was great and with very good suggestions that, if implemented, can lead the map to reach a very high quality level. Based on a big prison then general environment reminds us a bit of the Stronghold MP map of Desert Siege Expansions Pack. It seems it's almost a standard now to release a new map in day and night version and this map is no exception. Don't confuse this map with the one featured in SOAF demo and then ported to work in GR.



Mapmaker: |S&P|Papa6
Other full maps from the author: none
Discussion Forum Click here
Synopsis: The new map maker |S&P|Papa6 originally started a thread about a new map called Durango but later on he dropped the mod to start a new one called Inner City. Based on a typical urban environment the first pictures seem quite good and the community is already eager to play some CQB matches.

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