Live Bookmark Ghost Recon Mod Updates
Published : 17th July 2009

This report details how to use the Live Bookmarks feature of Firefox to check on the latest Ghost Recon mod updates without even leaving the webpage you are on.

What does it do?

Using this feature you can check on the latest Ghost Recon mod releases at the click of a mouse, without leaving whatever webpage you happen to be on. This feature even lists mod patches and version updates so you can be sure never to miss an update to your favourite Ghost Recon mod.

Here's what it look likes!

Ghost Recon Mods with Livebookmarks

As you can see clicking on the GRMODS icon at the top of Firefox drops down a list of the latest Ghost Recon mods including all updates to versions and patches. The most recent entries are at the top.

Each entry is listed by the game title first, then the type of mod, followed by the title. It's easy to quickly scan down the list for the game you are interested in (eg. GRAW2) and see if there are any mods of interest to you. If there is, just click on it and it'll take you to the download entry.

What is a Live Bookmark?

Live Bookmarks is a Firefox feature that allows you to store RSS feeds in your bookmarks. RSS feeds are a way to receive content from a website without actually visiting it.

How does it work?

This feature works by making a Live Bookmark with our Ghost Recon Mods Twitter account. The Twitter account is kept up to date with the very latest changes to our massive Ghost Recon mods database, so by having a Live Bookmark linked to it, you'll always have the very latest Ghost Recon mod information 1 click away.

How to set it up in 3 clicks!

1. Click on the RSS feed below.
2. In the window that appears click the Subscribe Now link.
3. In the next window click Subscribe.

Ghost Recon Mod RSS RSS feed of GRMODS's updates

Here's a screenshot of how this process looks.

Ghost Recon Live Bookmarks


That's it complete and now you should see a GRMODS button at the top of Firefox in the Bookmark Toolbar. You might need to activate the toolbar if you have not used it before, do this by using the View menu in Firefox and make sure Bookmarks is ticked.

If you do not want another toolbar in your browser you can opt to access the list by using the Bookmarks menu instead, (select Bookmarks Toolbar to view the list without actually using the toolbar).