Tactics - Basic Survival
Published : 4th January 2002
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This first tactics report summarises basic Movement, Weapons, Noise and Threat Indicator tactics for basic game survival in Ghost Recon.


  • When on the move in maps like swamp try to stay in the deep water. Staying low and moving in below the enemy's horizon painting him against the sky and you against the cover is a good thing. I do this in co-op and multiplayer as well and it's important.
  • When moving into wooded areas, even in daylight maps, the night vision really highlights enemy in cover. If you zoom your weapon and use the very top and sides of the night vision green area to look, you'll see farther and clearer.
  • Crawling in maps sure doesn't get you anywhere fast but keeps you concealed allot better. One disadvantage is your field of view and the fact that you can't move once spotted quite as easily as when you're crouched.
  • Finding cover with or without a ghille suit is easy in some maps. The small grassy patches in caves for example. Lie in the center of a grass "triangle" and lay in wait for the enemy. A patch of tall grass in the shade is best. Something to note is the barrel of your weapon while crawling... if you are coming out of a crater for example or are on a hill, your silhouette is showing on someone's horizon. In some maps there are tiny glitches on the map where you may actually appear like you're in the air!
  • Stay low and cross open or well lit areas (if you have to cross them) quickly.


  • An important thing to remember is the length of your rifle. When crawling past a wall for example you might think you are being sneaky and peeking around a corner. Meanwhile, some enemy has you in his sights waiting for the head to pop out so he can pop you.
  • Tracers on some of the primaries will lead an enemy right to you and your squad. If it's an MP5sd that's using tracer, every third round is a tracer. Usually I will snipe with 2 rounds and put the third into the dirt. Tracers fire on every third round on this weapon. Remember, " Tracers work both ways" a wise Mr. Murphy's Law poster says.
    • On a side note: tracers are usually loaded into the bottom of magazines for assault weapons or smg's so you know you are running out. On bigger weapons like 50 and 60 calibers, and on anti aircraft weapons tracers may be spaced about every 4th or 5th round for aiming because of less worry about it leading you back to that weapon because you KNOW where that weapon IS as soon as it opens up!!! )
  • Silent Sniping - just like in Urban Operations you can use the zoom on a primary to fine tune your aim, switch to a secondary without moving the mouse, and snipe with the silent pistol.


In this game you have to maintain some sound discipline or you're dead.

  • Don't brush too close to bushes. This makes a distinctive "crunchy" noise. The bush crunch can be heard about 15 feet away in game.
  • Weapon switching when in close proximity is a bad idea as well. The sound of you switching weapons can be heard, so be conscious of this switching noise.
  • Walking noise. Hey have you seen that button called "shuffle"? The shuffle button pressed while pressing a direction button can greatly decrease sound. In swamp map, Pressing forward or backward and strafe button without running, in water is completely silent. On allot of maps its silent as well, but in the water of that map it's a GREAT advantage. Remember that.
  • Gunshot noise. It can help you or get you killed. Setting up an ambush is easy against AI or humans. We're drawn to noise just like the AI. Set up team or teams offset from the incoming path of the enemy, pop off a round or two, and they will come in to the trap. Don't be too obvious about it against human opponents or you yourself will be in a trap.

Threat Indicator

Here's how to deal with a hidden camper or an enemy that's not moving by using the threat indicator. We all know that the yellow indicators mean 90-degree arcs in whatever direction they are lit up. The arrow is north and RED means roughly 50 feet away is an enemy. The yellow indicators narrow enemy direction down a bit but that's not good enough if they are well hidden. You can pin a tango's location down pretty easy now by using the TI as long as your not surrounded. -- Here's how.

For example, say you have the top and right sections yellow. Let's say dead ahead is 0 or 360 degrees. Behind us would be 180. Ok so now lets say the tango is somewhere between 315 and 135 degrees from your current position. Pick a spot on the horizon dead ahead from you, use map mode if you have to. (That's position zero). Turn clockwise until your threat indicator changes to the yellow lit from what would be 45 degrees to 225 degrees. You've just pinpointed an enemy's approximate DIRECTION. Now we get Location... move on that exact heading until your red. Back up a little and repeat the direction steps to fine tune... and move in for the kill.


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