Modder Spotlight : Jack57
by Chems
Published : 13th April 2004
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A Little About Jack57


Brothers In Arms

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Band of Brothers

Band of Brothers

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Postcards from Peru

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Saving Pilot Ryan

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Every Ghost Recon fan will have already heard of Jack57, he is arguably the top mission scripter out there in many peoples view. He has made the campaigns Band of Brothers, Brothers in Arms, Postcards from Peru, Saving Pilot Ryan and done the excellent intro, outro and scripting to the recent huge mod Operation Stabilise. He has also created the Capture the Flag game type with myself and also done half the campaign for the British Infantry mod, and he also worked on ~NkOgNiTo~'s Ghosts.

His main effort and input to the GR modding community and gaming community as a whole is not his new game types, excellent scripting, hours of fun provided with his campaigns - it's also the hours he’s spent helping new missions modders get to grips with the difficult IGOR mission modding program. There seems to be no limits to this guys talents, whether it be in IGOR or in making a Ghost Recon movie.

The Hot Seat

Q: Which part of the world are you from?

A: I’m from Horsham, Western Victoria, Australia

Q: How old are you?

A: Slippery side of 40 :ph34r:

Q: What made you first start modding?

A: I 1st started with the original Unreal editor. Why? dunno, guess I had stories I wanted to tell.

Q: When did you first open IGOR and what did you think on first glance?

A: A short time after I began to play GR, It looked logical and well laid out - less complex than Unreel as you have to make the maps as well

Q: Did you find it hard to learn IGOR what was your personal learning curve time scale?

A: To be honest, no not really - a couple of months until I could script a full mission, but of course you never stop learning so you never know it completely. People are forever finding ways to push the boundaries of what you can do with Igor.

Q: What’s been your main aim in GR modding?

A: I like learning new things - that's what motivated me in the first instance, then to extend the GR experience and give an outlet to the 'stories' I wanted to tell - I guess that's why my emphasis is on mission scripting.

Q: What your favourite feeling you like in GR, I personally like the stalk before a kill the sound of rain and wind listening to the birds brings a extreme sense of realism to the game, what do you like and do you try to create this in your missions?

A: I agree entirely with your sentiment!! - That is why Swamp is my favourite map. I definitely have a bent for stealth missions although I always mix 'em up in my campaigns so there's something for everyone.

Q: What do you aim to inflict on the player of your missions? Do you wish to surprise them bend the missions from there first objectives, or do you prefer to give them hard objectives to stick to? Are you the kind of modder who has a whole platoon spawn between you and the extraction point?

A: Anyone who has played my missions already knows the answer to that - changing objectives and surprises are my trademark. I try for realism in the sense that I want the player to think what he would do in this situation in real life and react accordingly.

Q: What are you working on now?

A: I'm having a sabbatical from GR right at this time and taking the opportunity to play some other games while we wait for your Ghost Recon Starship Troopers modification and GR2.

Q: What your favourite project so far undertaken for GR, what’s been most rewarding and challenging?

A: Probably Band of Brothers by a small margin - it involved a lot of work to do the conversion

Q: If you could change 1 single aspect of GR1 what would it be?

A: Squad control a la Raven Shield

Q: What type of Solider is your preference in GR?

A: Sniper where applicable, else rifleman.

Q: What’s your favourite war Movie?

A: Blackhawk Down, the Thin Red Line, and Bravo two Zero was good also.

Q: Will you mod for GR2? If so do you have any ideas formed yet?

A: Yes!!!!!!!! and, no not really - it depends what scope the editor gives us

Q: What do you hope utmost that RSE will have in GR2?

A: Do I have to choose?! A much more powerful editor I suppose would be uppermost.

Q: What’s your favourite mod?

A: Riot in Belgrade has a special spot as does Real War - strange choices for someone who prefers stealth, but these two mission mods made me realize what was possible in Igor

Q: Which modder do you most respect?

A: I'm thinking maybe RightHand as he had a large influence on me early on - or AV Apollo for the same reason.

We look forward to seeing Jacks new works in the new world of GR2 and we can't miss him now he’s staff at Ghost either. Enjoy your break from modding Jack you deserve it, and from me and the rest of the community, Thanks for your hard work and hours of fun you’ve given us!

Carry on Question from the Swartsz interview.

The previous question was:

Q: If you were in charge of Character Design for GR2 what would you keep from the original models and what would you change?

Jack57s A: for me the characters in GR have always been incredibly believable so I don't think I would lose anything - some detail could be added and certainly some more behaviour patterns could be added to their repertoire. I'd also love to see the enemy equipped with NVGs as well a la OFP, which will affect there ability to see you.

This is Jack57s question to our next modder in the Hot Seat:

Q: What aspect of mission design \ gameplay do you have the greatest aversion to? (for example, failing missions for friendly losses.)

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