Investigating the lost Helis
Published : 19th January 2002
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When Jester wrote his article about the lost helicopters of Ghost Recon I realised how much I wanted to work out the mystery myself.

I have failed, but this is what Ii have worked out and tried to do, to save other modders from trying the same thing.

Firstly, a success.

To make a vehicle fly through the air, firstly edit it to being a helicopter (use IGOR for this). Place it on a point of high land and make it follow a path to any point. Let's say, on Caves, start the tank or humvee at a cliff edge and make it fly over your men by setting it a path.


1) To make a helicopter modeled as a gun - but bigger than the person that holds it so that he is engulfed in it

- This part worked, what didnt work was the fact that a man will NOT walk off a cliff, even if you open up the mission and change the Z coordinates for the players to like 10m above the ground, they will still be on the ground at the designated level. (coordinates for paths are in x,y,z where x is the position on the x axis away from the centre of the map, y is the same but on the y axis, and z is in metres above 0m, not about current ground height).

2) To make a tank with a weapon set as the helicopter "gun" file

- When i was looking at the tank i saw things refering to the 50cal MG that it carries, and thought that maybe the tank model was afffected by carrying a model of the 50cal MG - since that gun file refers to the model. I tried making the tank carry a helicopter, but to no avail.

3) To make a tank vehicle (POB) be refered to the helicopter 'gun' (QOB)

- Ghost Recon just crashed out to the desktop, this was a veign attempt to make a tank look like a helicopter but refering to it as a gun instead.

4) To make a POB by cutting out the QOB 3d code and pasting into existing POB

- Again, no luck, but worth trying to see if at least the 3d model would show up.

5) To decode the POB format

- I tried but again to no avail, so i guess we are waiting for plugins :)

6) To export as a POB file from POV (Persistance of View)

- This program claimed to load POB files, of course, these were very different POB files! :)

All my attempts were to make a helicopter that would FLY BY the map, not to use as troop transport. The fact is, for all those people who thinks a modder is capable of this, Isincerely believe that using helicopters as troop transport is going to be extremely difficult if not impossible.

My conclusion is that we - the community - must wait for the release of POB editing tools, if not plugins for 3dsm, before the ability to even make a helicopter as a vehicle is explored.

Copyright 2002
Charles Amick
aka Firestar~*

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