Texas Miltia Interview

June 2012

Texas Militia is being promoted as an upcoming unofficial expansion pack for Ghost Recon. We tracked down its author RileyFletcher to find out more about this huge mod.

Hi Riley, before we look at Texas Militia in detail can you tell us about any other Ghost Recon mods you have worked on?

Hey! First off, I've been modding for about three years if I remember right. I started out, as everyone does, with no idea what I was doing. Even the basics of IGOR (the tool provided by Red Storm to mod the game) were beyond me until I found a fantastic article on 3DRetreat giving me details on how to get started, how to set up the basic mission properties, and build my first enemy patrol. This was before I was a member at GhostRecon.net, so I had no way of getting more in-depth explanations. Last year I became interested in releasing mods to the public, and that's when I found out about the awesome forums here and the great community and staff who were always willing to explain the most simple things to me. Without Ghostrecon.net, I probably wouldn't have ever gotten good at modding and I definitely wouldn't have a place to advertise and publish my mods. Since then I've released three mods, including the 'GR Realism Enhancer', a small expansion pack 'Claiming Liberty', and a single easter-themed mission called 'Explosive Easter'.

What was your inspiration for creating another huge Ghost Recon mod?

I wasn't pleased with my work in Claiming Liberty. In my opinion, it just didn't have enough content to be deemed a full expansion pack. That's one of the many reasons why I decided to start work on Texas Militia.

Why did you decide to make a Ghost Recon mod based around Texas Milita?

For one thing, I've lived in Texas all my life and, as many of you know, claim that it's the best, despite the scorching hot weather and frigid winters that sometimes even reach 60 degrees or lower. Secondly, I wanted a change from all of the elite-super-troopers with state-of-the-art invisibility cloaks who fight Russians all the time. Instead of an official military force, I thought it would be neat to feature a militia, an army made of the people. I actually didn't know there was a real Texas Militia until I stumbled upon their website one day.

Are there new weapons in Texas Militia?

Definitely. In Texas Militia, you won't find a huge arsenal of hundreds of weapons, but you'll have at least one good weapon for every situation you'll encounter.

From the MK14EBR to the AN94, and from the VSK94 to the P90, there will definitely be a weapon for everyone. I set out to give each one a 'personality' as you would find in real life, which is no easy accomplishment with Ghost Recon's no-weapon-view engine.

I also made some changes that will drastically affect combat in Ghost Recon. All enemies will now use weapons with decreased accuracy, meaning you will rarely see the enemy AI do their infamous shots across the map with a pistol from the hip.

My favorite feature is the changes in the player weapons. They aim much faster than vanilla Ghost Recon guns, which is a very realistic addition. It does not take you five seconds to raise your rifle in real life and it definitely does not take ten minutes to aim a sniper rifle.

It is also now possible to shoot accurately while running. While some may frown upon this, it opens up many options that would be possible in real life. I think the devs of the original game tried to make it as if your weapon was down while running, thus the extremely pathetic accuracy. However, if you watch the characters, you will see that they have their rifles raised as they run. This also makes it possible to rush your enemy -- don't think that this will ruin the tactical feel of Ghost Recon: it only makes the game more realistic. Just because you can aim while running doesn't mean a stationary enemy won't hit you first.

Oh, stealthy players should be pleased by the new silenced-weapon kits. No more taking on a stealth-demolition mission with an SA80 -- there are multiple kits allowing players to pack demo charges and rocket launchers with suppressed submachine guns like the AKSSD and the MP5SD.

Tell us a little about the missions in Texas Militia, what type of gameplay do they encourage?

As anyone who has played my missions will know, I try to make things as real as possible while still keeping fun in the formula. There is a very fine line between enjoyable challenges and brutal work.

All of my missions will definitely encourage teamwork, keeping your head down, moving slow, planning, and using your brain. There will be many new features that have rarely or never been seen before, such as the common use of infantry and armored support for the players, enemies firing rockets at your team IN MODERATION, no rocket or demo charge count checks, the ability to abort your mission at any time, and new weapons like gas bombs and helicopter attacks from the enemy.

What about the maps, any new maps, custom maps, or is it all on stock Ghost Recon maps?

I was planning on at least part of the campaign using custom maps, but I couldn't find anyone to do it and I definitely couldn't do it. I'd first need access to the tools which are very hard to find now, I'd need the skills which would take me too long to achieve, and it would delay the release of the mod by far.

However, don't be disappointed -- every mission wil be on a retextured map, meaning you should feel like you're in a different place. For example, the swamp map has been made into a peaceful bog at sunrise, the river is now an eery night map with coyotes howling in the background, and Aurora is now a beautiful desert at morningtime.

Some maps will look completely different while some will just have a slight weather change.

Are there any surprises in this mod?

As stated above, Texas Militia will be full of all kinds of never-before- seen features like combat against helicopters, gas bombs, and more use of infantry support.

The HUD, interface, and music will also be new. There will be 16 campaign missions, and I'm hoping to put in 32 quick missions and a few gametypes.

There should be no shortage of entertainment.

What are you especially proud about in this creation of yours?

As for features, the weapons and missions are definitely the highlights. I'm proud that I am able to keep the masterpiece of Ghost Recon alive one mod at a time.

What's the release date and approximate download size?

I'm not sure on the release date. All content is done save for a few tweaks to the weapons and interface, but I still have 6 campaign missions to script, plus any bonus missions I decide to include.

I'm thinking it will be out around November or December 2012. Maybe a Christmas present for the community? As for the download size, right now the mod weighs in at 175mb compiled, and when extracted is a massive 604mb. Once I add the last few maps it should be around 200mb, which shouldn't be much of a hassle for this big mod.

Thanks Riley, sounds great and we cannot wait to try this one out!

Ghost Recon fans can follow progress on Texas Milita in the Ghost Recon Modding Forums.

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