Modder Spotlight : Legacy
by Rocky
Published : 16th January 2009



January 2009 : Legacy

Legacy started creating innovative GRAW 2 custom missions late in 2008 using the GRAW 2 Modding wiki as his primary resource.

On with the Interview!

When did you start playing GRAW 2?

Well, my brother and I had been playing Ghost Recon for a number of years and had just about exhausted all the modded misions / addons etc etc... so in Christmas 2007 ... my brothers wife bought Graw2 for him as a xmas gift .... on christmas day he rang me and said what a brilliant game it was .... and so boxing day me and my missus went trawling the game shops to get my copy.

When did you start modding GRAW 2?

About 3 months ago ...... I actually came across the editor by accident one day while messing around in the GRAW 2 Folder I double clicked the editor exe file by mistake and hey presto ......

What attracted you to making GRAW 2 mods?

I was attracted to do the modding in the first instance when I went onto the by following a comment on the forum I thought if someone can take the time to spell this stuff out in a language I could understand, I should at least give it a go .... and here I am.

How easy do you find it to produce a custom GRAW 2 mission?

It's not too difficult .... but the editor (as everyone knows) is quite flaky and falls over a lot .. but once you get into the mode of saving regularly its ok.

Tell us a little about the mission(s) you have created for GRAW 2 so far.

My first mission was urban_legacy_v3_1 and was really started / created following the advice given on the graw2.pbwiki ..... in fact you could say ...... it's Dav's mission really as everything follows the wiki. Basically as the title says, it's set in urban surroundings, you have been left behind by your team mates, and in order to extract you have to destroy a couple of ADATS and a communications antenna .... oh yeah ... and dodge a load of bullets.

My second mission nemesis_v2 is again set in an urban environment, this time you are initially sent in to rendevous with alpha patrol, when you arrive, however, alpha patrol have all been kiled ..... I won't give too much away at this point as its only been beta tested so far ... and I don't want to spoil it for the community by giving away the whole plot , but in brief, there is a double agent who has to be killed, a laptop that has to be retrieved, and data that has to be uploaded to intel ...... oh yeah and another load of bullets to dodge.

Have you modded any other games ?

The Half-Life series ....... I used to call myself Linus back then. Delta force and Joint Ops .... though I never actually released any just made them for private use at the time.

What are you working on now?

Now there's a question ....mmmmmmm I have an idea for a new mission which will follow on from the first two ... you see in the second mission you kill a double agent .... which is ok ..... but when intel have analysed the data you upload, a whole heap of information is found on enemy targets ..... well it would be rude not to use this info ... wouldn't it ? ........ watch this space !!

Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions Legacy, and many thanks for all the time you put in creating great co-op missions for GRAW 2!