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Published : December 2002
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In December 2002 a new player stepped up into the anti-cheat arena - the International Gaming Syndicate (IGS). The public release of the IGS Cheat Detector Beta was the first major step since the first phase of Beta testing back in April 2002. This week the owner of IGS, Mr.Smith, granted GhostRecon.net an interview explaining their objectives and aims towards cheat free gaming communities, starting with Ghost Recon and Rogue Spear.

The Interview

SOTOMac: This is an Interview conducted with Mr. Smith for the IGS Gaming League by SOTO Mac from GR.net ( Staff Member )
SOTOMac: Hello Mr. Smith - How are you tonight
Mr. Smith: I am well thank you SOTOMac... or may I refer to you as Mac?
SOTOMac: Mac Please
Mr. Smith: ty ty
SOTOMac: It’s been posted on Our Forums that you and Your Staff have come up with an Anti Cheat application for "GR". Could you tell the Community about this Latest Effort at combating Cheaters and Hackers?
Mr. Smith: may I assert something before we get into the thick of it?
SOTOMac: Please do
Mr. Smith: The International Gaming Syndicate or the IGS is not a Gaming league
SOTOMac: Ahhh My apologies
SOTOMac: Could you correct me then and detail what IGS is to the TACSIM Community
Mr. Smith: We currently have two ladders: Ghost Recon and Rogue Spear. However the IGS is an organization in development focused on building and supporting the online gaming community. We will be providing several features, functions, and services to players
SOTOMac: Could you detail a few of them say 3 to keep it short for you and Interesting for those who wish to Inquire further
Mr. Smith: okay - well for example we are talking about the AC, so the anti cheat application is one
SOTOMac: Roger that and TY BTW
Mr. Smith: it will function on any operating system, and will be able to support other games another will be a game GUI or player interface players are able to find each other and host join games through the application a third will be our IRC server and life game and technical support, and of course there are many more but that’s 3.
SOTOMac: Excellent - So the Scalability of a Viable Cheat Detector is about to be a reality?
SOTOMac: Finally the Anti Cheat will be an App that can be played across other games than GR?
Mr. Smith: Yes, our application was designed with goal of supporting other games as well
SOTOMac: which Games so far have You decided to place into the First Release of the AC | 1,2,3 Games or just GR for now?
Mr. Smith: We anticipate that Rogue Spear may be the next game supported
SOTOMac: ahhhhhhhh
Mr. Smith: For the purpose of the beta test we are 100% focused on GR Island Thunder, we are waiting to see what UBI does to support the multiplayer element of Raven Shield, but so far they seem to be much more supportive of the gamer and the cheating issue. I am a die hard GR player BTW
SOTOMac: In saying "Wait to see what they do for MP Support" - What do you mean?
Mr. Smith: well according to the development logs and what we know about the unreal engine, the game engine is much more difficult for cheat makers to "compromise", and UBI seems to be taking online cheating more seriously.
SOTOMac: This is a good thing I'd imagine
Mr. Smith: I would say yes, very good
SOTOMac: How long have you been into TACSIMS and where did you get Your FPS Shooter start?
Mr. Smith: I have been into TACSIMS for about two years now. I started with Rogue Spear and never played online until last year when I finally got DSL
SOTOMac: Roger that
Mr. Smith: Then I got hooked, I went out and bought every Tom Clancy game I could find and every other respectable FPS
SOTOMac: LOL - I’m sure that many a TACSIM'er can echo that sentiment
SOTOMac: May I ask you a couple of more questions about the AC?
Mr. Smith: certainly
SOTOMac: How large is the DL for Our 56K users?
Mr. Smith: Well after we package and zip in a self extracting file... it will be approximately 200kb
SOTOMac: Excellent news for our 56K'ers including myself
Mr. Smith: Yes, understand it is no frills, no real graphical content, a bare bones app for testing and data collection
SOTOMac: Will the AC work with Mods enabled such as IDF / Navy Seals / Black Sun / SPV4 ?
Mr. Smith: we have the ability to adjust the AC to accommodate any MODS and even a no CD exe. However the no CD exe would have to be standardized
SOTOMac: A No-CD exe - Don’t You think that that could be a little controversial?
Mr. Smith: We do not support warez, but that exe does allow for faster loading of the game, we are undecided there - even UBI supports no CD exe
SOTOMac: but as the Cheats are basically a Hacked exe I was wondering if this may be a Potential Misgiving or cause for Apprehension on the Part of Potential Users of the AC
Mr. Smith: That is not accurate, we will be able to detect any changes in game configuration
SOTOMac: Ahhhhhhhh - Copy that
Mr. Smith: Many common cheats are actually small applications used in the background or in memory manipulation
SOTOMac: so you’ll have a File parser so to speak that will look for Coding Changes on already established exes? Or processes running in the back
Mr. Smith: let’s just say that the configuration of each will be scrutinized
SOTOMac: rgr that
Mr. Smith: the app should not compromise the computers resources
SOTOMac: one last question then for now and we’ll wrap up the Interview
SOTOMac: Why do you go through all of the Long Hours the Frustration and the Loss of Personal Time ( Even Gaming ), to provide this AC for the GR and ultimately the whole TACSIM Community?
Mr. Smith: Well first let me say that it was not most of my time that went into the AC, the team and lead developer will be acknowledged publicly for their efforts.

As far as why I am involved... I love the games, the challenge, the experience, and even more so the social element, meeting people making friends, "ggz"... I believe that with the right approach, we can build a tremendous community that can.. infact impact what game developers do in the future and ultimately shape the future of the online gaming community and experience.

It needs a new approach, as the former business development manager for the World Trade Center, I understand what the leagues/ ladders have been missing to evolve into something larger and more legitimate - it does take time, but we are building a team and staff that is very committed to doing what it takes to get the job done right. We want to build gaming communities - not cliques. Sorry for the long answer
SOTOMac: Well - Id like to say for Myself, GR.net, and the rest of the TACSIM Community ( If I may ) - That this attempt even though in its Initial Stages is Noble in Origin, and, even though It may not produce all that it attempts - If It even comes close / The whole TACSIM Community will be able to TY for an even Playing Field again. TY Mr. Smith for Your time and the Opportunity to Interview You RE: THE AC. May we Interview You again as Updates with the AC come up, and the AC progresses?
Mr. Smith: My pleasure, I am really appreciative that Ghost Recon.net was interested in what we're doing and glad for your support, I would like to keep you updated and maybe even arrange for an interview with the Lead Developer.
SOTOMac: That would be excellent
Mr. Smith: I want to thank Ghost Recon.net for the great presence you have established for the player
SOTOMac: TY, and Gnite Mr Smith

For more information visit the IGS here.


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