Modder Spotlight : Bogie
by Rocky
Published : 3rd January 2009



January 2009 : Bogie

Bogie blasted onto the GRAW2 scene in late 2008 when he started modding co-op missions and releasing them at a remarkable rate. Using the GRAW 2 Modding wiki as his primary resource Bogie's missions were quickly recognised for their quality and consistency.

On with the Interview.

Tell us a little about yourself please Bogie.

My current age is 39 and I reside in Columbus, OH, USA.

When did you start playing GRAW 2?

As soon as it came out. Someone turned me on to the Rainbow Six series several years ago and I was completely hooked. The Ghost Recon was a serious breakthrough in my opinion and have purchased these games as soon as I can get my hands on them. I personally feel that in the tactical shooter genre, nothing else compares to [GR], GRAW1 & GRAW2 for PC. I also own GRAW2 for PS3 and cannot seem to immerse myself into the game as much as the PC version.

When did you start modding GRAW 2?

December 18, 2008

What attracted you to making GRAW 2 mods?

I was bored with the current coop missions available as my buddies and I pretty much know all of the locations of all of the enemies. With that being said, we just wanted some refreshing missions for my buddies and I to play that we haven’t seen to date to rejuvenate the game.

Do you guys play on a GRAW 2 LAN regularly?

We had a local group of about 15-20 coworkers and neighbourhood friends that used to get together nearly every week and play networked games.

How easy do you find it to produce a custom GRAW 2 mission?

After GRAW1 came out, I looked at the editor and was highly intimidated by the complexity and did’t feel that I had the time to learn a new editor system and syntax for the scripting. But being motivated for the thirst of new missions, I checked out the GRAW2 Wiki on Dec 18th and released the first beta for Bogie Training Grounds 21 hours later.

Within one week, production versions of the Bogie Training Grounds (large & small) were released and “Operation: Evicted Occupation” was released for beta testing.

Being a visual learner, the GRAW2 Wiki made modding and learning the basic scripting very easy, especially with the videos. In addition, the scripting and editor documentation that came with GRAW2 helped to refine the objectives that I was trying to accomplish.

Tell us a little about the mission(s) you have created for GRAW 2 so far.

My primary focus for any mission is to enhance playability without compromising performance with more of a tactical feel.

Bogie Training Grounds was an experiment to see the capabilities and flexibility of the scripting and editor systems as well as any limitations. In the Large version of the map, created more of a non linear approach to the missions with a basic story line. This map (which hasn’t already had a mission associated with it) provided quite a bit of flexibility to create the more tactical feel as well as easily creating the different mission aspects.

Operation : Training Grounds

For Operation: Evicted Occupation, I wanted to have some interaction between friendly units and the enemy AI. Also, there needed to be missions that were spread out enough so that you could take several paths to completing your objectives. This map, based off of GRIN’s “Mission 8: Attack on Multiple Axes” also had not been modded (to my knowledge) and allowed for different zones to be setup allowing a continual flow of enemy AI. However, this mission is not so overwhelming to loose that tactical feel.

Bogie GRAW 2 Mods

Did you ever Mod for the original Ghost Recon?

Yes, the majority of what we wrote were very personalized towards our specific group. The scripting work that I did with [GR] was loosely based of of =Drag='s HX5 work which enhanced the playability by adding several personalized comments based on our local community's user names, on screen statistics, more baddies, etc. Overall, we had 5 mission types (23 scripts) consisting of Hunt, Defend, Msss Assault (or swarm), POW Rescue & Riot. With that, I customized 143 premade maps to use with these scripts .

Have you ever modded any other games?

I’ve mostly modded for our local community of techno geeks dating back to Doom II. Map creations include: Warcraft II & III, Starcraft, Freelancer, Need for Speed High Stakes and the Command & Conquer series

Actual scripting and modifications I’ve worked on: Need for Speed High Stakes, Ghost Recon 1, Midtown Madness 1 & 2, Quake I & II, Freelancer and now GRAW 2. Highly anticipating Starcraft II and GR4!

What are you working on now?

Working on the completion of the multiplayer mission for GRAW2 “Operation: Evicted Occupation”. I really enjoy the scripting portion and problem solving and will most likely not create the actual maps … so all of you map modders, bring fourth your creations!!

I am also working on a new mission called "Escape from Juarez".