XIM3 keyboard and mouse for X360

XIM3 Interview

Dec 12th 2011

As more and more games migrate away from the PC to consoles, there is a growing interest from PC gamers in finding a way to play on a console using a keyboard and mouse. On the XBox 360 you can use a keyboard and mouse thanks to the XIM3 gadget.

In this interview with OBsIV from XIM3 we learn if finally PC gamers can play on a console without the handicap of a thumbstick controller.

Can you tell us briefly what the XIM3 is and how long it has been around.

XIM3 is a adapter that lets people game on their consoles with input devices that suit them best (devices such as mice, keyboards, and even various gameboards and nunchucks). XIM3 isn’t the first mouse and keyboard console adapter on the market, but, it is the first to achieve the level of aiming precision it features. XIM3 has been around less than a year, but, the technology behind it is 4 years in the making.

XIM3 keyboard and mouse for X360

What is the cost?

XIM3 sells for $149.99. It includes a full color LCD display for configuration without requiring a computer. It also works with your existing wired headsets (saving the $40+ cost of a wireless headset) and chatpads.

Can you explain exactly how it integrates with the X360?


The hardest part about adapting a high precision device, like a mouse, to a game designed for thumbsticks is dealing with all the irregular aiming characteristics put into console shooters. This “aim assist” is added to make aiming possible with your thumb. If you don’t compensate for these characteristics, you’ll wind up with a mouse aiming experience that is jumpy, jagged, inconsistent, and overall unstable (in other words, frustrating!). There are different techniques used to compensate, but, all of them have serious points of failure. Even more, every game behaves differently so all the general purpose one-size-fits-all solutions out there don’t work.


XIM3 takes it to the next level through its “Smart Translator” system. Smart Translators are built, per-game, using our proprietary computer vision system that meticulously analyzes the game to understand it’s complete aiming behavior and captures that knowledge into a Smart Translator. The end result is that you get the best possible gameplay experience with 1:1 correspondence between your mouse movement and the reticle on-screen. In other words, it plays like you’d expect it to play.

Is there a PS3 version currently, or in the works?


XIM3 is designed for Xbox. We can’t comment on our future products at this time.

Does the Xim3 automatically support new games or do you issue updates for the latest titles?

XIM3 can work with any game, but, for best gameplay experience a Smart Translator is required. For big game releases, a Smart Translator will be out for that game within days and we are constantly working on popular older games.

We saw comments on your forums like this "This beautiful little piece of technology is absolutely amazing! After being a professional fps player on pc (CS1.6) for so many years, I lost touch with reality when I began playing FPS's on the 360. I've had my XIM3 approximately 12 hours and I must say that it has really brightened my console fps experience. ", is this typical of the feedback you get?

By far, the most important feedback we look for is that from our large and very active forum community. They range from hardest core PC gamers all the way to casual controller gamers interested in a different way to play. They critique every nuisance that makes up the device, and, we take that feedback to improve the product and achieve performance well beyond any of our competitors. Comments like this are very common on our forum – those where the customer is actually surprised upon their discovery of how great XIM3 plays. Others post scoreboards showing how lethal they’ve become. Many post videos showing off what XIM3 is capable of. But, the ones that we especially enjoy seeing are those where the customer is praising the device after putting months of gaming time on it. That’s when we know we’ve truly achieved something great.


It’s always fun to build something and then see how it’s being used by our customers through the videos they make. I encourage you to check out some of those videos on our XIM3 Gameplay Page. You won’t be disappointed. :)


Official XIM3 website.

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