NYR's Quick and Easy Guide to Patrols and Mission Setup
By NYR_32
Published : 2nd March 2003
Last Updated 2 January 2006
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The objective of this introduction to using IGOR is to create a group of enemy and set them on a looping patrol. In doing so you will learn how to create a new mission file from a template, design the weather, create enemies, place them on the map, and mark out and adjust their patrol route. Thanks to the power of IGOR this is really straight forward - anybody can do it! So let's get started....

Getting Started- Mission Setup
The following 5 steps, and the 5 steps in the next section are in this IGOR movie file pack.

1. Open IGOR (it's in the Ghost Recon folder) and go to File-->New

2. In the Mission Template Window that opens select the Mission you want as your template (by selecting the template you don't have to bother with setting up sound emitters along with a few other things )

3. Once the template mission has loaded in the lower right hand corner of IGOR, go to Map Properties, here you can change the Map Name, weather fog level etc.

4. Once you're happy with the settings in Map Properties go to Mission Properties here you will be able to select how you want your script to be played ie. Single Player Only, MP Coop etc. Check the boxes next to the mode you want then where it says Mission Name, enter a name for the mission

5. Next Save the mission, File--> Save, I like to save my missions in the mission folder to which the map belongs ie. Caves in Origmiss--> Mission, Ghosttown in MP1-->Mission, and Plantation in MP2-->Mission.

Ok now were Ready to get a simple patrol setup!

Creating a Team of Enemy Actors

1. On the lower left side of the IGOR window you'll see a nice box with 5 different tabs, Actors, Misc. Vehicles, Plans, and sounds. Click Misc, the very first Item in the list is "Company", Double click that. In the upper right hand side part of the window you'll see some thing to the respect "Company ###". You've added a new company to the mission, this company is used to control a certain group of actors.

2. Click the Company you just created (The one on the top of the list on the right side ) When you click it you'll see in the lower right a box that reads "Company Properties", rename the company if you wish. If it's a bad guy company leave the "Allied" box unchecked.

3. Each company has to have "Platoons" to control the "Teams" placed on the map. Again go to the lower left window with the tabs and just like before with company, find Platoon and click it. That will create a platoon with in the company. Nice and easy. I like to make various platoons for different areas of the map and depending on actors' jobs within the mission.

4. OK the next step is to create a team, teams are where we can put actors on. In the upper right hand window select the platoon you just created and then go back to the lower left. Find team in the list and click it. You should now have a "Company" with a "Platoon" and one "Team" (to add more teams to the platoon just select that platoon again and repeat this step)

5. Time to place actors in the team. In the lower left window click the actors tab, it lists every actor file of the mods active in IGOR. What I do is place the first actor in the list then change the actor file later (that is done in the properties window, lower right). So to start with all the enemies will look the same in the map, but we can select different actor files later to make them all look different. Click the actor name then in the upper middle window, the command map , find the spot you want to place the actor and hold down control then click, you just placed an actor! You can have up to 6 in each team.

Setting the Patrol Path
The following 7 steps were available to view in a 2Mb movie file igor01c.avi until Fileplanet deleted it.

1. To set up the plan for the team click the team name in the upper right, then in the lower left window select the misc tab again. Find the listing marked "plan", double click that. You'll notice that in the upper right window a plan has been inserted for the selected Team.

2. Then in that lower left window find the "Plans" tab, click that. You'll see a listing of Plans the team can do, select "Path".

3. Now to draw the path go to the Upper middle window again and hit Control, then click to start the path.

4. Next hold down Shift, you'll see the path thingy turn red, move your cursor to the next point you want in the path and click. Just keep shift clicking to set the direction you wish the patrol path to take!

5. Once you have placed the route you can adjust any point by simply click-dragging the yellow boxes to a new position.

6. You can easily remove a point altogether by holding down shift to display the route, and click on any of the minus symbols to delete that point. To insert a new point just click on one of the green plus boxes, then drag the new point to the desired location.

7. To have the team loop the path, select the plan step in the Teams Plan and click it, in the lower right you'll see "Path Step Properties", check the loop box.

Try and avoid any blue lines as they are obstacles and could prevent the team from following the path.


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