GR:AW Hints
Published : 7 August 2006

During the loading screens in the Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter campaign hints are displayed in the lower right panel. The entire list of 65 hints are detailed in the following list, prepared by Ted Smith.

1 . Use the Sniper rifle or ZEUS to attack air threats.

2 . Panhards and troop transports can be taken out with grenades, support and RPG. Watch out for enemies exiting the vehicles.

3 . To stay undetected make sure you expose as little as possible of your body. Use low stance and peeking, and try to stay hidden.

4 . Never run into an unknown area! Make it a habit to always check and cover doorways, corners and roof tops.

5 . Use suppresive fire and handgrenades to flush out enemies that are not moving. Always try to flank the enemies.

6 . Make sure to lay down cover fire yourself if you send your team sprinting over open areas.

7 . If you encounter a sniper always get in cover before you return fire. Get in cover and plan your kill.

8 . Diagonal fire lanes is key to urban fighting. Make sure that you and your team are crossing your firelanes.

9 . Some enemy positions cannot be overcome by a frontal attack, you have to separate your team to perform flanking manoeuvers from multiple directions.

10 . Try to spread your team in a front and not a line if you can. This gives you much more fire power forward and prevents your enemies from flanking you.

11 . Use your gun mounted grenade launcher to hit the wall or obstacle behind or at least close to your enemy. The blast radius is the true killer.

12 . Gun nests are your worst infantry enemy. Never attack a gun nest head on. Use your team to flank them and use grenades or counter sniper rifle to take them out.

13 . Any shot in a non combat situation will probably alert your enemy if he is within hearing range and not obstructed by buildings or high ground.

14 . In urban combat make sure to keep an eye on roofs and archways. Enemy attacks from a high positon are your priority one in a combat situation.

15 . In a hot zone move your team individually in short distances, keep the bounding.

16 . Lead by example. Keep your team alive and keep them busy.

17 . Always use cover when you move. Make sure that you are not far from a cover if suprised by an enemy turning a corner or popping up from hiding.

18 . In open terrain keep your men spread out with at least 30 feet apart.

19 . Peek to gain fire advantage and to protect yourself from incoming fire. It also gives you better angles.

20 . Always try to gain fire advantage when ambushed by infantry. Shoot back then move into cover and plan your counter attack.

21 . Always make sure that your flank is protected. Keep an eye on intersecting streets as enemies will try to flank you in urban combat.

22 . If your teammate is shot to the ground - suppress his enemy to save him from being shot at again.

23 . Consider reloading your weapon (default R) before engaging an enemy group.

24 . Running makes you and your team less observant and reactive.

25 . Remember that your secondary weapons are often drawn faster from sprinting due to placement and less weight.

26 . Never move in a straight line towards your enemy. Always move sideways at high speed or try to move and shoot to cover your own repositioning.

27 . Incoming sniper fire has a certain sound to it. Learn how it sounds and you increase your chances of survival.

28 . To sneak and recon efficiently, always walk, crawl and use the silencer if you have to engage an enemy.

29 . Enemies duck to cover when you fire at them. A cover order or a burst of fire can pin them down to give your team a tactical advantage.

30 . Use tactical map for combat planning and getting out of tricky or pinned down situations.

31 . Never attack a tank head on. If you do not have the appropriate support or ZEUS rocket - you cannot take out a tank. Try to evade it.

32 . In a hot zone use tactical walk. Always aim at danger points while you are moving to your destination.

33 . To stay away from incoming cover fire or to simply sneak past enemies use your crouch stance (Default C). You can even fast move while crouching.

34 . If you are being shot at when rushing for a cover - try to dive or slide into the cover to minimize yourself as a target (Default C and Ctrl while running).

35 . You can quickly double press the individual ghost selection key (default 1-2-3) to issue a quick move order to the ghost.

36 . In the tactical map, you can click your objective headers to get a more detailed description of the objective.

37 . The drone automatically detects nearby enemies and displays their intels. It is a powerful recon tool.

38 . You can maximize the view of your teammates or drone to look through their eyes (default G).

39 . Use grenades to destroy the covers of entrenched enemies.

40 . You can give the cover order from the cross com or tactical map. The cross com is faster but the tactical map gives more precision to the order.

41 . The field of fire indicator, at the bottom of your HUD, displays a compass to find your bearings, and points out enemy gunfire.

42 . Use the mouse wheel to select the current unit to whom you want to give orders.

43 . Running a lot will make your aim worse while you catch your breath. Look at your stamina meter down left in the HUD.

44 . You can quickly issue a STOP order to get your team mates to interrupt any given order at any time.

45 . Intel diamonds appear on your HUD when your teammates or support have spotted enemies.

46 . In the backpack part of the inventory, you can select ammo packs to get more magazines or handgrenades, at the expense of weight.

47 . In the inventory, you can also select your secondary weapon and backpack equipment (to equip a rocket launcher for instance).

48 . In the inventory, use the tabs at the bottom of the screen to access your teammates equipment set.

49 . If you want better accuracy and less spread equip your assault rifle with a front grip.

50 . Equipping your assault rifle or handgun with a silencer, reduces the noise and flash when you fire, at the expense of spread though.

51 . Use the Attack order on your ghosts to take out a specific enemy target. Your ghosts can fire the ZEUS RPG at an enemy vehicle or helicopter.

52 . When giving a Cover order in the tactical map, press and move the mouse to select the direction to cover (or suppress enemies).

53 . When giving a Move order in the tactical map, press and move the mouse to select a direction to watch when the waypoint is reached.

54 . In the tactical map, you can select your teammates on the map if you click onto their diamond.

55 . Use F1, F2, F3, F4 (default bindings) to select orders rapidly in the tactical map. Use F5, F6 to .Execute . or .Execute all . orders issued in the tactical map.

56 . In the tactical map, you can click the yellow waypoint button to place a marker that guides you in your 3D view.

57 . To enter the extraction helo move close to it and press X, your team will follow. They can enter first if you give them a move order on the transport.

58 . You can stand on tiptoe (default V) to look over the highest covers.

59 . Hand grenades can be thrown in an arch if you aim high and rolled on the ground if you aim low.

60 . The MK48 holds 180 rounds. Use it for cover fire and suppressing enemies.

61 . Remember that you can shoot through around 3 feet of concrete or wood using your sniper rifle, and so can your enemies.

62 . Use the ZEUS rocket launcher to take out enemy vehicles or helicopters.

63 . A heavily loaded character will experience firing dispersion issues; make sure to equip only what is necessary.

64 . There is a limit to the weight you can carry in the inventory, you must choose the equipment most suitable for your situation and fighting style.

65 . You can pick up additional ammo from the weapons dropped by the enemy or your fallen teammates.