Ghost Recon 2 - Wish List summary
by zjj
Published : 21 May 2003
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Preface by Rocky

Tactical Shooters are taking a larger share of the gaming spectrum every year, and when Ghost Recon 2 eventually bursts onto the scene, there will be several other games vying for attention of serious tacsim gamers. With that in mind developers will be paying close attention to what is well received and what is not, amongst the various tacsim communties. Here at we have a huge ongoing discussion in our forums speculating about what might or might not be in the next Ghost Recon, including countless wish-lists. Thanks to zjj we have a summary of those items identified by the fans, so let's dive in and hope the developers are listening!


When there is a rumor that a sequel to your favorite game is in the works, people are not shy about making it known what they would like to see included. The ideas appearing in fan forums for Ghost Recon 2 vary from changes in basic gameplay, to adding vehicles, to more weapons, to more support, to more detailed and larger maps and where the location of GR2 should be. There are over 15 threads talking about GR 2 in forums alone, that doesn't even include all the other great gaming forums that discuss Ghost Recon. Although there is a good in-depth summation of some ideas from Zantar45 on this page, let's expand on it a bit more.


Several suggestions were given to improve the basics of the game. In order to promote competitive gaming the most important improvement would involve removing the glitching of craters, inclines or rubble and implementing an anti-cheat solution. If there was some sort of IP keeper to take names and IP addresses, it would cut down on those who team kill, change their name, and then come back and do it again.

More advanced AI was also high on list of improvements. The friendly AI need to be smarter so they don't get picked off so easily. The enemy AI also need to be smarter, when confronted with a pile of bodies for example.

Their unrealistic, deadly accuracy, also needs to be addressed; it is very difficult for a person to consistently shoot fatal head shots when they are shooting from the hip over 100 feet away, but the enemy AI seems able to do it routinely! It would also be nice to be able to kill an enemy from behind with a head shot and not have him scream an entire sentence to alert his buddies.

Other things mentioned were to have improved graphics, a more interactive environment, the ability to see if someone is using night vision goggles, more realistic night vision, better stability, dedicated server support, and linux support. The modders want to see IGOR a little more user friendly.

"Do not use the Unreal engine" is a cry heard from around the world. The unreal engine is not suited for large outdoor areas. The current GR engine is very efficient in that it can handle these large open maps much better. A good approach could be a new engine based on the techniques of the current engine. If other licensed engines (i.e. CryEngine or Karma Physics) were used more realism could be included, as well as increasing the ease of moddability for modders.

In a current poll at, fans are asked "What direction do you think the series should take in the next installment?" 28% say they should focus on the physics and realism, make it physically and balistically real as possible. 25% say they should expand the gameplay and let you do more stuff like jumping out of planes and drive vehicles. 24% say they should focus more on the squad-based gameplay, improving AI and teamwork. 13% say they should expand the scale of the game and take it to large-scale online multiplayer capabilities. 10% say they should make the single player more dramatic, cinematic and involved.

This poll equates to what is being discussed in community forums regarding the possible future for Ghost Recon. More and more people are asking for more realism and gameplay options. They love the game and want to make it even better!


What would you like to see included in Ghost Recon 2 to improve the overall gameplay? The biggest frustrations seems to come from the inability to maneuver over small obstacles, so many fans would like to be able to step up or over small patches of rubble or logs; or be able to climb ropes, ladders, boxes, trees, hills, etc. It is felt that jumping and swimming are not needed, but would have limited purposes if included.

Jumping would be good in instances where you would want to get out of the way of grenade or, to save your teammates, to jump on a grenade. Although swimming under water would be cool, it would only be beneficial for hiding from the enemy.

More realistic structure damage is desirable. It would be great to be able to see a building collapse after an artillery strike or to see the damage that a grenade has caused and then be interactive enough that you could traverse through the gap in the wall.

How about more action abilities like being able to roll, punch, kick, carry, push, drag or look behind you. Just think, if you could push or drag, you would be able to set up roadblocks or barricade and alley in order to protect your backside. These options are limitations of the current engine. Again, if the developer would license other popular engines they would be able to incorporate these suggestions.

This is the first part of a three part series. Next week we will look at suggestions for vehicles, teams, and clothing.

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