Ghost Recon Future Soldier Khyber Strike

Ghost Recon Future Soldier Khyber Strike DLC

Khyber Strike is the third Ghost Recon Future Soldier DLC and like the first DLC Arctic Strike, is set to please the multiplayer crowd. If you like the sound of this DLC, stay tuned to our Ghost Recon news page this week as we have a stack of free codes to download the entire Khyber Strike DLC for free! Also make sure and check out our Raven Strike DLC review.

Here's a run down on what you'll get for 800 Microsoft points on Xbox Live or £7.99 on the PlayStation Network.


  • Switchback: Step off the main road leading down into the city and into a maze of ancient buildings and narrow alleys. The twists and turns of the alleyways make every corner into a close-quarters deathtrap.
  • Palace: There's no time for reflection even in this magnificent relic. What once was a museum dedicated to showing the glories of the past is now a battlefield, with a massive courtyard at the heart of its contested ground.
  • Transit: A Moscow metro station makes for close quarters and close-range combat. Trains pulling into and out of the station add to the danger as Ghosts and Bodark slug it out underground.


  • Takeover: Similar to a classic team deathmatch, score points for your team by eliminating enemies. Tip the scales by taking control of the enemy’s objective and earn a score multiplier to your team. Defend your team’s objective to prevent the enemy from gaining the same advantage. Choose to split your team to defend and attack at the same time, or move as a group and overwhelm your enemy. When the mission ends, the team with highest score wins.


  • Village: Playable either with 4 players online or 2 players in local split screen, this new map is a peaceful country village that finds itself transformed into a battleground, as fighting rages around its central bus station. Long alleyways that run between war-damaged buildings make a perfect hunting ground for snipers, and a shootout near the town's gas station could turn explosive.

Additionally there are new achievements and a level cap increase of 10.

Read on for our Ghost Recon Future Soldier Khyber Strike review...


Ghost Recon Future Soldier Khyber Strike


We like new game modes just as much as we like the variety of new maps, so we were particularly keen to try out the brand new game mode Takedown.

The scoring in Khyber Strike Takedown is like Deathmatch but the tactics are conquest, so to win at Takedown you'll be focussing on teamwork to take and keep your enemy's objective. Taking the objective results in a score multiplier for your team and will become crucial if you are going to win.

Of course, they will be doing the same, so winning will largely come down to defend and attack tactics. Assigning one squad to defend and one solely concentrating an attacking the enemy objective works well, but it needs disciplined teamwork.

Lone wolf type players who like to snipe, and even run and gun, can still contribute to the teams points total, but it is the teamwork of the attack squads who can win that important score multiplier that will decide who wins at the end of the game.

On to the new maps then, three new areas to master in Future Soldier.

Switchback proves a real challenge for attacking squads as the layout makes it quick easy to set up a strong defence. As Switchback is laid out in two distinct halves connected at only one point, it forms a bottleneck that attackers will find difficult to breach. Lone wolf run and gun guys will find this frustrating, but teams who co-ordinate and use their equipment wisely can lunch an effective attack and catch the defence by surprise. It does force good teamwork though, which is great.

Khyber Strike

Transit is a large map with open underground spaces that snipers will enjoy. It's fairly easy to camp and pick off targets, if you are prepared to wait long enough. For the fast movers though, you had better be on your toes, not just for sniper fire, but for fast moving trains that cost you a respawn if you don't look before you cross.

The Palace is obviously a CQB map with many corridors, rooms of various sizes and different levels. Unlike Switchback there are several options to plan your attacks, and set out your defences.

Finally, we have the new Guerilla map, Village. The layout of this new map forces constant movement as the attacks come from many different locations and there is a distinct lack of cover. Scoping around can provide a good position to camp down in and pick off the bad guys, but don't get too comfortable, this is a busy map.

In summary, Khyber Strike offers some really good new maps that will force teams to use good teamwork if they want a team win and not just a nice solo effort!

Read our hint on winning the Khyber Strike Takedown Domination achievement.

Download Khyber Strike DLC for the Xbox here [800 points, 830Mb]

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