Ghost Recon Movie Downloads

Crawling by Sydrik Sept. 2003

Clever and funny movie from Sydrik that explains the fine art of Crawling, don't miss this one!

640 x 480 - 21 Mb

Starship Troopers Trailer 01 by Rocky Aug 2003

Promotional Trailer for Starship Troopers - a soon to be released full conversion Ghost Recon mod by Chems. The avi file requires the free divx codec for playback.

384x288 MPG Format 3Mb | 720x540 Avi Format 5Mb

ODS Movie by ODS Clan Jul 2003

Almost 4 minutes worth of very well put together footage, one to watch for sure.

DivX Movie 11.4Mb Staff Mod by Jan 2002

A tiny movie showing what is possible when modding Ghost Recon characters. Full webpage here.

3 Mb WMV file

Men Down by CQB Jul 2003

3 minute movie of the Ghosts in action. This is CQBs first attempt at putting a Ghost Recon movie together.

WMV Format 13Mb

Teaser Trailer 01 by CQB Jul 2003

CQB's teaser movie. Put together as a build up to the launch of his first plot orientated movie - which is expected during Aug/Sept 2003.

WMV Format 13Mb

Ghost Town by teztkals Jul 2003

Almost 7 minutes of low resolution footage of the Ghost undertaking a mission, backed by The Specials Ghost Town track.

WMV Format 20Mb

Die’n and Kill’n by CQB Jul 2003

A short movie with some of the death animations from Ghost Recon.

WMV Format 12Mb

Ambushed by teztkals Jul 2003

A low resolution five minute movie topped off with a stirring backing track shows the Ghosts going out in a Blaze of Glory.

WMV Format 13Mb



Links to Early Promo Ghost Recon Movies

Environments | Excellent 1 minute movie | 36Mb | Stored at Ubi Soft France
GR Media 1 | 8 minute streaming compilation by | Stored at 3D Retreat
E3 footage filmed by Fan-Cam - 3.61Mb| from 3D Retreat
E3 footage filmed by Fan-Cam - 44.9Mb| from 3D Retreat
E3 Fan-Cam footage | 1.22Mb Quicktime | 11 Seconds | from File Planet
Also check out the Official Site for more Movies


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