Mission Competition
Published : 29th June 2002
Contact Coordinator : Here

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First Place
Prize : Ghost Recon Collector's Edition
Needle's Eye
By Right Hand

Second Place
Prize : Destroyer Command
Border Ambush
By TalkinBeerMug

Third Place
Prize : Engraved Stone GR Statue
Jack Rabbit
By Rose

runner up
Prize : Clan or name Stone Carving
Last Hope
By Nicolas Mucci

To the following unsuccessful entrants, thank you for your efforts, and we hope you join with us in congratulating the winners.

Michel Strickland, PDL Northpal, Starr Moore, Richard Fournier



While we had a tremendous time playing these superb mods, choosing a winner was extremely difficult. Each mission either managed to introduce a new concept, or an engaging set of objectives that impressed the judging panel. Each of the prize winners have put together a superb mission and are to be congratulated on their excellent work.

Even though each mission shares the same map, these missions prove how it is possible to produce exciting, enjoyable and varied missions that can bring new life to existing maps.

The final scores, a selection of judges comments, and download links are below. We hope the fans enjoy these great missions, and the winners enjoy their prizes. Thanks to everyone who took part, and Ubi Soft for sponsorship, from the team at!


Winner : Needle's Eye by Right Hand 9.03 Download
Installation : Extract mod to temp folder. Put extracted .mis file into mods/origmiss/missions folder

This mission from acclaimed Ghost Recon modder Right Hand involves attacking a restricted access position, capture and extraction, and demo a train. Without spoiling the surprise of the special restrictions worked into this mission by Right Hand, suffice to say this mod incorporates a new concept, and engaging objectives that come together to make a complete and enjoyable mission - with the difficulty pitched just right.

Here's a selection of comments from the Judges, and how they scored it.

Saint "...this was one of the first in the competition that I had no problems with and it was fun to play. Good effort resulted in a great mission"
"Four good, solid and clear mission objectives - just the way I like it. Everything worked without a hitch, no funny scripts or anything."
"good mission objectives that worked well, ... requiring careful attention"


2nd : Border Ambush by TalkinBeerMug 8.40 Download
Installation : Extract to Ghost Recon Mods folder.

No submission caused more debate than Border Ambush, one of two mods submitted from the Network 42 camp. Border Ambush is extremely tough, especially at the outset. Survive the opening few minutes and prevent any border crossings and the mission takes on an explosive turn forcing the Ghosts to react quickly before it is too late and the objectives are lost. But that's not all, this mission has more to demand of the Ghosts! A great mission we enjoyed immensely - perhaps set a little to difficult however.

Saint "If you like challenges check out this is very cool, but extremely difficult...and I do mean extremely"
Rocky "There were a few things that made this original, the voice-over dialogs, the nice use of air support, the border crossing, I liked it"
Daywanderer "Damn! That's all I can say. This mission is hard, but it's also fun. I'm not usually this nice, but damn.. this struck the perfect balance between length, difficulty, and overall smoothness."


3nd : Jack Rabbit by Rose 8.26 Download
Installation : Extract to Ghost Recon Mods folder.

Rose also hails from Tactical Gaming site Network 42, they know a good mission over there. Rose went for shock tactics with the plot - a member of the Ghosts has gone bad, and the rest of the team are tasked with taking him out. Who is this rogue Ghost? You'll have to download Jack Rabbit to find out, but don't worry, you'll meet up with a Ghost already on Recon in the field who'll assist with this hazardous task! Some clever scripting touches made this an enjoyable mission, with replay value.

Saint "Offered NPC's from the game in a mission. All in all, very original"
Rocky "Well thought out and nicely implemented"
Daywanderer "... the randomness factor was new to me ... Several "ambushing" hostiles at the start, which was a nice touch"


4th : Last Hope by Nicolas Mucci 7.33 Download
Installation : Extract to Ghost Recon Mods folder.

This mission starts off in the thick of it, running along side heavy armour with backup was pretty atmospheric. Nice changes to the mission depending on the selected difficulty level.

Saint "The idea of trailing the tank and watching it mow down the bad guys was cool"
Rocky "a good fun mission that did make the heart rate go up"
Vanholt "This guy hauled @ss in scripting this sucker, lots of work "