Modder Spotlight : Chems
by Jack57
Published : 19th May 2004
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May 2004: Chems 

A Little About Chems

There will be few reading this who haven't bumped into 'our Chemsy' somewhere about the place and experienced his cheerful 'matey' disposition. Whether it be in his capacity as an active staff member of, or just imparting some of his considerable knowledge in the forums, his maturity belies his minimal years. But certainly not his energy! This of course extends to his prodigious modding talents. Better known perhaps for his major works such as British Infantry Mod, SWAT Mod, M16 Armoury, Little Bird, a little closer inspection reveals his hand in a significant number of other works - Brazil SF mod, Operation Stabilise, Embassy revisited , White Skull Valley , Corporate mod , it goes on. So, let's learn a little more about him.

The Hot Seat

Q: Age, sex, location?

A: 17, Male! Midlands (England) . . . lol, just kidding, I'm a woman really.

Q: Ah, OK. Status: Girlfriend, Boyfriend, etc.?

Happily Girlfriended!

Q: What is your occupation?

A: Full time student of Information Technology Design Tec, Geography and Biology.

Q: Interests and hobbies?

A: Modding, football, general exercising like a bit of running, tennis, swimming and I'm a keen sailor.

Q: What other PC games\genres do you play?

A: Erm, I like Flight Sims, other mil tactical shooters and some RPGs.

Q: What do you like so much about GR - what sets it apart from other games?

A: I like the in-depth feel, I like the way you feel very much in the thick of the action, the way you can really feel like you're hiding in a bush, and the sounds of rain and wind and thunder all bring it home. I also like the distance - I like sniping and there's something really fun about watching a patrol from distance before an attack.

Q: Have you done Mods for other games?

A: No never, except some small skins for a Flight sim in paint which were crap.

Q: We know that you create mods for GR - what are your current projects?

A: Starship Troopers   is my only remaining project. I spend most of my time modelling for other people. This last week I have done a model for El OSO and two for NSO Croc. Over time I've done countless models for people. I enjoy it as it gives me a chance to do things I wouldn't think of.

Q: Any ideas for future projects?

A: Yeah I want to do a SF project for the Brits, but I'm thinking of finishing off the vehicle models I have, like I did for the Little Bird.   I had a good idea for a GR2 mod but am not sure I will like GR2 that much. I may go and join El OSO on his HL2 mod team.

Q: Modders are a strange breed - they spend countless hours at the expense of their private lives, and all for free. What motivates you to create mods?

A: I first started modding because I kept thinking, "wouldn't it be cool if...."  I think I may also be driven by a sense of achievement that I get from good models and I've always wanted to be the best modder around. Ever since I started out that's been my target so that's why I'm still at it. I love seeing my things in-game and I love having top notch skills - there is nothing I like more than to think of something hard and then try to do it and succeed. I also like the feedback from the people who download it, their respect is the main factor.

Q: Do you have a mentor, someone you aspire to in regard to modding?

A: I think it was El OSO, but then when I came to it changed. I think its more a group of people now. I think I also wanted to be like picollo because he was the same age.

Q: You mostly work with 3DS MAX?

A: Yeah, and PS (Photoshop).

Q: Particularly for those contemplating learning 3D modelling, is 3DS MAX difficult? And what advice would give?

A: I think its great fun. I'd say it's less about knowing the program and much more a mind set as to how to attack a model you want to make. Also for the best possible models, look  long and hard at what you are making, and then when you're finished modeling look at your model. If it clicks and you think, damn that looks just like the Littlebird from BHD, then you've got it. If it doesn't, stick at it and it will be all the better when you have. An important part of a model is textures, so don't ignore PS skills, its all about layers in PS.

Q: Do you, or would you, anticipate a career in Game development?

A: Yes I would, as a fall back on a Career in the RAF, which I have applied for and have worked hard to gain the grades required. I am planning on going to work 'shadow' at a big games company in London as an insight.

Q: What improvements are you most anticipating about about GR2, both from a players perspective and that of a modder?

A: I'm most looking forward to the Havok Physics engine, then I am looking forward to some excellent firefights with the increased armoury, such as smoke grenades and airstrikes. I hope that vehicles are properly looked at and that the graphics are still as gritty real as they are in GR1. From a modding view, I hope its still as accessible and that there is more scope for modders to change things so if I ever do a Sci-Fi mod it's a bit easier. I am mainly looking forward to the new concepts because GR1 is getting slightly old.

So there you have it. It would seem we have far from seen the last of Chems' talents, even if we have to follow him to other games! I'm sure you would all like to join me in wishing Chems every success in his future endeavours, but most particularly in thanking him for his wonderful contributions to both, Ghost Recon the game, and to the community.

Carry on Question

The previous question was :

Q: What aspect of mission design \ gameplay do you have the greatest aversion to?

Chems: I hate the way the AI are so Sniper like, and I don't like the way missions are so set in stone. I like to see much more fluent dynamic missions, in that if you do this, they do that to counter, etc., instead of it being pre-scripted so strongly and being predetermined by the players actions. A lot of modder missions have tried to work round this but a better AI system is needed for the computer to truly fight you as seen in Far Cry.

And Chems' question to our next modder in the Hot Seat:

Q: What would your ideal map setting be? ie; an oil rig in heavy rain and thunder or dense jungle in heavy humid summer with lots of crickets.

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