All Seeing Eye
Rocky's 60 Second Guide

Published : December 2002
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The All Seeing Eye (ASE) made its debut in the middle of 2001, and since then has established itself as an essential download for hardcore First Person Shooter gamers. Around the end of 2002 over 8000 gamers were installing the ASE every single day!

The reason for this is simple, ASE was designed around what gamers wanted - fast, and easy access to game servers of their choice. For Ghost Recon gamers this means finding low-ping servers, playing the type of game you like playing, with the mods you already have installed. The strength of ASE lies in its simplicity, but for those who want more - there are a whole host of powerful features in the various options and settings.

All the information you need is laid out one one screen, split into four main panels - which we will look at separately now.

The Panels


The Filter Panel
This is where you detail the game settings applicable to your installation and preference. Each setting is activated either by opening a folder icon, or checking a tick box.

In this example you can see only Ghost Recon v1.4 games are to be listed. Other filters include COOP or SOLO games, respawn counts, or you can even specify a specific Ghost Recon mod if you are looking to play on a server running a certain mod.

The Server List Panel
This is the main panel, listing all the servers that match the filter settings listed in the Filter Panel.

The main items of interest in this panel are the ping, the number of players on the server, the type of game (i.e. siege or firefight) and the current map. In this example you can see the ping and number of players.

Once you have selected the server you wish to play on, simply double click on its entry and the ASE will log you into the game.

Player Listing Panel
A quick look in this panel shows you who is playing on the server currently highlighted in the Server List Panel.

This gives a quick indication of how busy the server is, and also lets you check if any buddys (or otherwise) are playing on the server.

Additionally there is a buddy feature built into ASE for quickly finding your clan members or team-mates.

Server Settings Panel
This last panel shows all the details for whichever server is highlighted in the Server List panel.

The handy thing here is you can instantly see which mods are running, and how long the game still has to run. This is great because it means no more joining a server only to find that either the game still has 10 minutes to run, or worse - it is running a mod you do not have installed.