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SCAR report by Cpl Ledanek and Rocky
Updated November 2007 with Movie by Dick Splash.

The Special Operations Forces Combat Assault Rifle (SCAR) Program was approved in Sept 2003, and completed in January 2004. The SCAR was the result of a search for a replacement for the aging M4A1 which had been in use since Vietnam, and battle tested through current conflicts both in Iraq and Afghanistan.

This task was given to FN Herstal, and developed and tested by Special Operation Forces personnel and all four branches of Armed Forces.

There are two versions of the SCAR:

  • Mark 16 SCAR Light (SCAR-L)
  • Mark 17 SCAR Heavy (SCAR-H)

Both version will replace each of the following 5 weapons usually requested by SOF:

  • M4A1
  • CQBR
  • Mark 12 Special Purpose Rifle (SPR)
  • Mark 14 (SR-25)
  • Mark 11 (SR-25)


Stock: Telescopes and folds. Depending on mission or need to conceal the weapon, and/or vehicle entries.
Cheeckpiece: Sloped and adjustable depending on Optical Scope mission.
Pistol Grip: Multiple adapters for big or small hands
Fire Control: safe---semi-auto----full auto, shorted or less of an arm compared to M4A1
Ambidextrous: All controls are available on both sides, reducing need for conversion kits.
Cyclic rates: 600-650 rounds per minutes vs M41's 900 rounds per minute, giving more control. On semi-auto, controlled burst shots about 3-5 rounds or a single shot.
Gas System: gas is driven to the rear and vented and released through a cam. This is suppose to reduce the fouling or build up, also making the SCAR-L easier to clean. Less time maintaining the weapon is always a bonus!
Rail System: Monolith MIL-STD 1913 Rail system. The rear and front sight post can be folded to give a unobstructed view for whatever optical sight is attached to the rail system.
Easy mounting of optical sights, such as the adopted AN/PVS-22 Universal Night Sight.
Also adaptable to any SOPMOD components required for whatever mission.
Barrel: Quick change depending on mission profile. Can be change in a minute by removing two bolts.


View exclusive SCAR footage in this movie by Dick Splash now.





Standard Barrel: 13.9"
CQB: 9.9"
Sniper: 18.0"
6.8x43 mm capable with limited part change requirement
vs M4A1 often requiring an entirely different upper receiver.
possibility of using 7.62x39 mm depending on mission.

Barrel life: 35,000 rounds
Service life: 90,000 rounds
Mean number of rounds between stoppage: 2,000 rounds

Parts are interchangeable at 90% between the two versions

1) Unstressed areas: Upper and lower is aluminum extrusions with Polymer construction.
2) Stress areas: All steel Straight from the assembly line, it comes in Flat Dark Earth FS595B which serves as a good base when spray painted by SOF personnel to suit specific needs.

Magazine: Comes in 10 redesigned steel.
Under barrel: Enhanced Grenade Launcher Modular (EGLM) mounts to MIL-STD-1913 rail.
swings open to both sides (ambidextrous) allowing for long 40mm grenades which was not then available for the M203.

A stock is available to make this a standalone weapon.

Fire control features a laser range finder with auto elevation built in, blinking red for a low aim, glowing green for on target. If target is hidden, the sight gives a distance reading to target.

EGLM sight is compatible for programmable for 40mm grenade for air-burst over the target.

Credit to Charlie Cutshaw from Gun Buyer's Annual Presents #40 Special Weapons for Military and Police Magazine. For more Information : FNH-USA at www.fnhusa.com




Caliber: 5.56x45mm, 6.8x43 mm, 0.50 mm Beau wolf 7.62x51 mm,
6.5 Grendel 7.62x39mm, 0.300WSM
0.300 RSAUM

Barrel: Varies
OA Length: 24.4-33.4" 30.3-29.2"
Weight: 7.7 lbs 8.5 lbs
Operation: Gas, select fire Gas, select fire
Capacity: 30 shots 20 shots




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