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12-gauge `Masterkey' breaching module
Report by Xian Saint

Knight's Armament Company (KAC) is producing a modified 12-gauge shotgun module as a component of KAC's Modular Weapon Concept. A unique aluminum adapter that simulates the receiver dimensions of the M203 grenade launcher is a key component manufactured by Knight's. This becomes the upper part of the shotgun's receiver and allows the use of KAC's Quick-Detach (QD) front mounting bracket. This combination allows user level attachment of the `Masterkey' module to M16 carbines and rifles in the same manner as 40 mm grenade launcher modules modified with the QD bracket. Like the grenade launcher, the `Masterkey' module is designed so that the M16's magazine serves as a handgrip when operating the shotgun's trigger. By simulating the profile of the grenade launcher's receiver, the shotgun's recoil loads are safely distributed through the host weapon's barrel nut and barrel. A shoulder stock assembly that Knight Armaments label as the `Stand Alone' is a complementary module to the shotgun. The `Stand Alone' allows employment of the shotgun as an independent weapon and also interfaces in the same manner for the QD 40-mm M203 grenade launcher.




Cartridge: 69 or 76 mm (2½ or 3 in) magnum 12-gauge
Operation: manual repeating pump action
Weight: 2.50 kg (free weight)
4.12 kg (assembled to Stand Alone assembly)
Length: 432 mm (free length)
750 mm (assembled to Stand Alone assembly with butt-stock extended)
527 mm with stock closed
Barrel: 254 mm
Feed: 3-round magazine




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