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Barrett Model 98 by SOTO Mac

The Model 98 is the latest addition to the Barret line of Semi-Automatic Heavy Caliber Rifles.

Barrett is a recognized leader in Semi-Auto Heavy Caliber Weapons - it was therefore only natural for the Company to introduce it's own Semi-Auto chambered for the .338 Lapua Magnum Round. The .338 Lapua Magnum Round ( Generally speaking) is Intermediate and could be considered as being between the 7.62mm X 51mm NATO and the .50 Cal. BMG.

The first information regarding Development of this new and powerful Sniper Rifle chambered in Caliber .338 Lapua Magnum arrived in October 1997. At that time the Barrett Firearms Company had already designed it in their computerized AUTOCAD System and had let it be known to Afficianados that the Weapon was - INDEED - On the Drawing Board...

The Barrett Model 98 ( M98 ) was introduced at the `98 "Shot Show". The weapon came in .338 Lapua Magnum and was Gas-Operated, which was unlike Barrett's earlier Semi-Auto Rifles in .50 Caliber that have operated with a "Long-Recoil" Action.

Although Barrett wanted to make the Rifle both as a Semi-Automatic and as a Bolt-Action Weapon, Serial Production has only been of the Semi-Automatic variant up to this Time. That said - The Bolt-Action variant IS available for Custom Orders but with the applicable Higher Prices involved of course for making an Order to Spec.

The M98 has a fixed, free-floating Barrel mounted on an aluminum base, and utilizes a tapped Gas-Action. All of the Gas Mechanisms are located in the Butt Stock of the Rifle to eliminate any disturbances to the harmonics of the barrel. Gas is delivered to the rear Mechanism via a Gas Tube from the Barrel to a tappet system, located behind the Firing Mechanism. The Rotating Bolt is a "Multi-Lug" design, which, as some experts consider, was inspired by the "Johnson rifle/LMG". That said - Of course the Barrel is of Match Grade.

Attached to the Barrel is a Muzzle Brake. Apart from the Action the entire Stock is made from Glassfibre reinforced black "Polyamide". At the front of the Stock is a Attachment Point for The Weapon's Steel Bipod, and It is of the usual Folding Variety.

The Butt Stock is of the "Thumb-Hole" design and on top of the Receiver is a "Picatinny Rail" to accommodate either a Scope, a Night Vision Device, or a Combination thereof.

There are NO Iron Sights. The M98 uses a removable Plastic Magazine which holds 10 Rounds.





Weight: 15.42 lbs ( 7 kg - Empty w/ no Scope ).
Caliber: .338 Lapua Magnum.
Barrel Length: 24.4 inch ( 610 mm ).
Overall Length: 44 inches ( 117.5 cm ).
Action: Gas-Operated, Semi-Automatic.
Mode of Fire: Semi-Automatic only ( Custom Bolt-Action w/ Order ).
Range: 4000 feet ( 1200 meters ).
Muzzle Velocity: 3200 fps
Magazine: 10 Round Box Magazine.
Made in: USA.
Items of Note: High Quality Manufacturing, Match Grade Barrel. Stock is made from a Polymer Resin called "Polyamide". The Weapon comes w/ a Bipod and Weaver Rail as Standard Equip. The Scope is Optional.




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