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7.62 mm PK machine gun
Report : Xian Saint

Click for Full image The PKM is carried by Specialist Jodit Haile, and was introduced with Desert Siege. It's a well modelled weapon that looks great in-game. The zoom is not great, which is to be expected for a machine gun, but it has a nice tight reticle and is a welcome addition to the Ghost Recon arsenal.



Entering service in 1969, the PKM is a product improved PK with a lighter, unfluted barrel, a feed cover constructed wholly of stampings and a hinged butt-rest fitted to the butt-plate. The weight is around 8.4 kg.

In 1961 the PK replaced the RP-46 in front libne service. It is a mixture of components and ideas from other weapons. The rotating bolt comes from the other Kalashnikov weapons, the AK-47 and RPK; the cartridge gripper and barrel change come from the Goryunov SGM. The system of feed operation using the piston to drive the feed pawls comes from the Czech Model 52 light machine gun. The trigger comes from the Degtyarev RPD.

The 7.62 mm PK machine gun was first seen in 1964. Since then it has been modified and improved so that it has become a true general purpose machine gun. The latest base production standard is the PKM.

The PK family of machine guns are gas operated, rotary bolt locked (Kalashnikov system), open bolt fired, fully automatic, belt-fed machine guns firing the 7.62 × 54R cartridge. The ammunition is fed by non-disintegrating metallic belts; current belts are composed of joined 25-round sections but earlier feed belts were made of one 250-round length. The belts are held either in 250-round ammunition boxes, in special large capacity boxes on tanks (for the PKT) or in a 100-round assault magazine attached to the bottom of the gun's receiver.

The receiver is constructed of riveted stampings. It carries the very simple, automatic only, trigger and the belt feed mechanism.

The barrel is chrome plated and has a change system which is not as quick as that employed in most modern guns. To change a barrel the gun must be unloaded; the feed cover comes up when the return-spring guide is pressed and the feedway pivots up on the same pin. The barrel lock comes out to the side in the same way as the SGM and the barrel can be pulled forward out of the receiver with an asbestos glove. A new barrel is inserted, the lock is replaced, the feedway is lowered, the belt replaced and feed cover lowered. The gun is then ready to fire.

Belt boxes for 100-, 200- and 250-round belts are available. The 100-round box can be attached to the underside of the PK for the assault role.






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