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Mod Walkthrough - Postcards From Peru, M07
Published : 13th April 2004
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You have found some intel on some of the dead officers you killed earlier today, stating that they have tanks. And not just one, but three. Your mission is to search for the tanks, and blow up all three.

This is the route we will be taking:


After a short dialog, you will notice youíve been given clearance to move into Bolivia. Take Alpha and move south east, towards an approximate tank location. The area is heavily defended, so watch yourself. Eliminate all the tangos in the area, and then destroy the first tank.

Turn and head west, and move to the second approximate area of the tank, which will be located at an enemy camp. Kill everyone you find there.

Be careful, as the enemy tank will come up from below the ledge. Destroy it with an AT rocket, then eliminate its followers.

Head down the path where the tank came up, and across the bridge. Turn east going up a path shown above, and then head down the pathway leading to the river. There is an enemy patrol down there, so take them out quickly.

Move out of the water, and head to where you destroyed the first tank. In this area, you will find the third tank. Destroy it, and head back to the insertion zone.

Bust out the kegs! The beer trucks have arrived!

Hm, what was that cannon sound?

Not the beer!!!

Turn around, and wax the fourth tank for a mission complete.

Hooah! Youíve just completed Postcards from Peru! Hopefully you enjoyed Jack57ís campaign, because there are more of them out there.