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Mod Walkthrough - Postcards From Peru, M06
Published : 13th April 2004
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Location: Bolivian Border, Peru
Time & Date: 3 October 2009; 16:00
Mission Type: Assault

Alpha Squad: Rifleman, Demo, Sniper

Bravo Squad: Rifleman, Rifleman, Demo

Bring anti-tank rockets with your demo specialists

1.) Head Off Escaping Enemy
2.) Do Not Enter Bolivia!
3.) Clear Border Post


After that last mission, you’ve all but eliminated the enemy threat. The rest of them, however, are trying to make a run for the Bolivian border. It is your job to stop them from crossing the border. We have no jurisdiction in Bolivia, so do not cross into their territory, even to go after escaping tangos.

This is the route we will be taking:


When you first start, you will have three enemies located within 30 feet of you, and to the north, eliminating them should be done ASAP. Move into a position on the cliff that is facing east, so that you can see the bridge, and kill any and all tangos you may see.

This group will have another behind. Eliminate both groups. Bring up your command map, and have Bravo move to the northern entrance that comes up to your cliff. Switch back to Alpha, and take control of your demo specialist.

Move north into the second position overlooking the bridge. Two trucks will come shortly, so dispense your AT rockets at them. Wait a minutes, and kill any enemies approaching the trucks. Bravo will kill a few enemies trying to make their way to your position, so don’t be alarmed.

When your Threat Indicator goes blank, proceed north, down the path leading away from Bravo. Three tangos will run out from behind the rocks, kill them immediately. Move to the other side of the road, and continue moving north. A large force will come onto the map, moving due east. Eliminate them all. Make sure to also stop the truck from getting across the border.

Now, head to the Border Post, and be prepared to stop even more rebels. Mow down the ones trying to escape.

Soon, a message box will appear, telling you to move your squads to the Border Post. Bring up the Command Map, and have Bravo move to the Border Post. Kill any rebels around the area with Alpha before Bravo gets to the post.

When Bravo gets there, set their ROE, along with Alpha’s, to Suppress, and have both squads facing the west. The enemies last ditch effort is heading toward you, in the form of three jeeps. Kill their driver and their passenger for a mission complete.