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Mod Walkthrough - Postcards From Peru, M04
Published : 13th April 2004
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Location: Atacama Desert, Peru
Time & Date: 27 September, 2009
Mission Type: Assault & Secure
Alpha Squad: Sniper, Rifleman

Bravo Squad: Rifleman, Demo

Charlie Squad: Rifleman, Demo
1.) Guard Vasquez



The rebels have contacted an elite sniper team to eliminate you, and Mr. Vasquez. You will be playing on the Desert Siege map Ghost Town, but it has been turned into a night time mission, making it harder for you to see the snipers. Believe me, the snipers are elite.

This is the path we will be taking:

As you can see, Alpha will be going all the dirty work.


When you start, you’ll find yourself on top of a small hill, with Mr. Vasquez inside of a house. Set up Bravo and Charlie to hold their positions. If they stray to far off, they will be receiving the Purple Heart posthumously. Wait a few moments until the final dialog box shows up, telling you, that you can either sit back and wait for your death, or that you can go out and kill the snipers.

Switch over to your sniper, and slowly start to follow the path above. It won’t be long until you bump into the first sniper, disguised as a Ghost in a ghillie suit.

Kill him, and continue moving on the designated path.

Moving along our path, you should run into another sniper, which can very easily be passed up. Shoot this guy, before he gets you and your team:

After you’ve eliminated the second sniper, switch over to your Rifleman in Alpha Squad, and proceed forward, and soon enough, you will bump into the snipers’ backup. Start picking them off. They may figure out your position, and start walking up the cliff towards you. No worries though, as your sniper should kill them as they approach you. Here some shots of the carnage after you’ve eliminated the backup:

After surveying the damage you have done, move along the path, eliminating what remaining snipers there may be. You shouldn’t have to worry about if they are looking for you, because they should be focused in on the house. Sneak up behind them and give ‘em what they have coming.

Note – Depending on how fast you move, how long it takes you to kill the rebel reinforcements, the sniper locations can be different, but they will be in the same general area.