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Mod Walkthrough - Postcards From Peru, M03
Published : 13th April 2004
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Location: Echo Beach, Peru
Time & Date: 24 September, 2009
Mission Type: Assault and Defense

Alpha Squad: Rifleman, Sniper

Bravo Squad: Rifleman, Demo

Charlie Squad: Rifleman, Demo

1.) Head for Pickup!



Upon finishing previous mission, the Ghosts found themselves with mounds of dead bodies around, leaving quite a mess. With the help of the Peruvian Army, the place has been cleaned up, and itís time to get out of the area.

This is the route we will be taking:


You basically start where you left off from the previous mission. Move Alpha, Bravo and Charlie to the extraction zone, and wait for the helicopter. Unfortunately, on the way to pick you up, the chopper is shot down somewhere over the beach. Take Alpha and start moving east, towards the downed crew. As luck would have it, both crew members are killed before you can rescue them.

Move your way to the enemy camp, and swiftly deliver justice to the enemy rebels.

Call up Bravo and Charlie, and have them stay at the camp, for now. Take Alpha, and go up the western ridge that leads up to the communications center. You will have enemies directly ahead of you, and to your 9 oíclock. (To your left.) Watch out for the tangos throwing grenades. If you hear one being tossed, turn and run away, or lay down, providing you have the cover.

Once youíve got through the first wave of enemies, head up the middle of this hill, thatís overlooking the Peruvian camp:

The hill is crawling with enemies, so take them out as fast as possible, securing your safety. Once the hill is yours, take out the remaining enemies.

After youíve killed all the enemies in the area, call up Bravo and Charlie, and place them in their respective positions, and put their ROE to Suppress. Soon enough, enemy reinforcements will come from the north.

Eliminate them all, and you will be greeted with mission success.