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Postcards from Peru - Mission 01 Walkthrough
Published : 28th December, 2003
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Puerto Peligroso, Peru
Time & Date: 22 September, 2009
Mission Type: Assault
Alpha Team: Rifleman, Rifleman, Demo

Bravo Team: Rifleman, Demo, Sniper

*Note Ė You should equip both Demo specialists with demo charges.

1.) Report to shipping office.


This is the first mission Jack57ís Postcards from Peru. Itís relatively easy, but if you get too laid back, you will find yourself dead. As it turns out, the Ghosts left their last mission and left a lot of gear behind. In this first mission, your goal is to retrieve your gear.


The mission starts off with you and your crew on a boat. Start walking to the first objective, located to your east. Along the way, you will be greeted by the chatter of your teammates. When you get to the building, go through these doors:

You will be greeted by a bunch of dead bodies. Proceed through the building, until you come upon this poor fellow:

Slowly walk up to him. When you see a message box, stop, and look at the door to your right. (Next to the hostage.) As soon as the tangos come pouring out of it, unload on them. Once they are all dead, you will have to go into the room, and shoot the tango that is immediately to the right, once you enter.

Now, exit the room, and continue down the hallway, and get into a position, that lets you cover this door:

Once again, more tangos will come pouring out of this door. Eliminate them all as they come out, then clear the rest of the building. Once the building is secure, you will get a new objective.

Move outside, and head to driverís side of the jeep, located near the warehouse. Plant one demo charge there, and run away like there is no tomorrow.

Move inside, and eliminate any tangos in the first room. Be careful, because a couple of rockets will be flying in your general direction.

Move into the section of the warehouse, and eliminate the remaining tangos.

Mission complete!

Hooah! Check out the one man army. Hopefully you had fun completing the mission.



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